Error importing - maillink


A customer on Web version SuperOffice 8.2 C-2017.12.07-03-2017.12.07-03 with maillink/webtools 8.3.6795.905

get this error message when trying to open already saved emails. Only happens on some emails.

Some one else getting this? Any clues why?

I am able to open the email directly from so_arc, but not from the webclient.


Anne Lene



RE: Error importing - maillink

What if you open it from the document dialog in the web client?

Av: Erik Eide 14. sep 2018

RE: Error importing - maillink


Same happens if I choose open.

Av: Anne Lene Solheim Lilleberg 14. sep 2018

RE: Error importing - maillink

Hi Anne-Lene,

The bug-report for this issue can be found here:


If you contact local support - they can asisst you in getting a early version of Maillink with the fix from bug id 60689.

Av: Frode Berntsen 14. sep 2018