freetext search and umlauts

Is it so that the freetext search does not support umlauts?

For example if I make a search with word Seinäjoki, which is a city name in Finland, search shows up like this and gives 0 results

If I replace the letter ä with a it gives right results.

So is this something we just need to inform on customers when they are using words with letters ö, ä and so on in the word to replace them with a and o?

RE: freetext search and umlauts

There is a bug with that type of characters in the search function,

Av: Patrik Larsson 6. maj 2021

RE: freetext search and umlauts

We've also enhanced freetext to support umlaut free matching, so the word 'öia' gets indexed as both 'öia' and 'oia' - so non umlaut searches will also find it.

Av: Christian Mogensen 6. maj 2021