Hide fields for user group(s)

Is it somehow possible to hide a set of fields on i.e. the company card for a few user groups? So one user group can see one set of fields and another user group sees another set of fields.

RE: Hide fields for user group(s)

You _might_ be able to do it using SentryPreferences. That is rows you put into crm7.userpreference, where you can set rights on particular fields. You could probably set a field to be hidden for a given usergroup that way.

Av: Frode Lillerud 9. nov 2020

RE: Hide fields for user group(s)

Note: When using user preferences to hide fields only the data is hidden, the field label is still visible. Also when hiding user defined fields that contain data, an error occurs when an user that does not have access to the field try's to save a entity containing the hidden field.




Av: David Hollegien 9. nov 2020

RE: Hide fields for user group(s)

Hi Patrik

I do not think this is doable today with a reasonable amount of work.

However; an upcomming feature called "Configurable screens" aim to solve exactly this scenario. 

Since this is a large feature/project,  I do not have an ETA on it, but the project is in the initiation phase now.


Might be good to know before you start a customization project..

Av: Erik Eide 10. nov 2020

RE: Hide fields for user group(s)

While the prospect of configurable screens is great, I think it is entirely doable for an experienced consultant (with CRMScript)  to be able to do this using the userpreferences, you can create alot of additional value for the customer with this. It also works in Online.

It would be great if the bugs above could be fixed in the mean time, or atleast the saving bug since that is a blocker. (74158)

Av: David Hollegien 10. nov 2020