Links styling gone after mailings editor update

As I understand, the mailings editor was updated on Friday last week in Online. A customer called and said that links no longer looks like links does default (blue with blue line underneath) when she creates an email link, which I can confirm. And the actual link details (that it is an email link and the specified email adress) is gone when you double click the link in edit mode (works fine with URLs).

Is this connected to the new version of the editor or can it be something else?

The customer has contacted support to report this.

Hi Patrik,

The editor we replaced last week is not used in mailings. What we did do last week was to white wash all html inserted in to a mailing to prevent the posibility to insert dangerous html code that may be used for cross site scripting.

We will have a look to se if the white washer is too strict...



Av: Erik Eide 30. sep 2019

Thanks for the update Erik. Sounds like some setting is too strict. Looking forward to your findings, hopefully very soon :)

Av: Patrik Larsson 30. sep 2019


We will look into this asap. I would love to get a copy of a newsletter that is not working (I would need a copy of how it looked before it got corrupted), either here or email me:


Av: Sverre Hjelm 30. sep 2019

The customer was creating a new newsletter when she noticed this and I could reproduce it in my own Online environment.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Add a text, select it and choose to create a normal link

2. Choose "E-mail" as the "Link type" and add an email address. Click Ok and Ok again.

3. The link now looks like this:

4. Edit the paragraph and double click on the link to edit it, the settings is gone:

Av: Patrik Larsson 1. okt 2019

We have reproduced in identified the problem. It was the white washing library that was too strict.

Thank you Patrik for bringing this to our attention so soon.

The issue will be solved in the next release.

Av: Erik Eide 1. okt 2019

I believe these new changes has stopped other functionalities as well.

Yesterday when I was helping a customer with Mailings in SO, I noticed nothing regarding mobile settings actually works.

(THEY HAVE ONLINE VERSION: SuperOffice 8.5 Build Release85_C-2019.09.26-02)

I tried to set different font setting for mobile and computer, checking use rowbreakes for mobile, checking do not show in mobile, etc.

When previewing in SuperOffice and click on the Mobile icon I get a different look.

But none of these settings had any effect when looking at the email in my phone.

I always got the exact same layout as on the computer.

I did tests on Iphone and Android and in different mail apps.

What do you think?

Perhaps this is also something that has started with the changes in the new editor/Html code?

Av: Gustaf Cullin 2. okt 2019