Preview sidepanel in Sales and Windows Auth in 9.2R07


I'm having trouble with a customer where we have installed SO 9.2R07 (Web + Service) on a new server. 

We want to use Windows Authentication. I have therefor disabled Anonymous Authentication (AA) and enabled Windows Authentication (WA) for the entire site ( To allow mailings and soap in Service to work with WA, I have disabled WA and enabled AA on these files specifically:


This seems to work, except that when I'm in Sales using the Preview sidepanel. This is what I do:

  1. Switch to Company 
  2. Make sure Preview sidepanel is active
  3. Go to the Contacts panel and click on a customer
  4. Observe that the Preview sidepanel refreshes

Often, not allways, step 4 result in the WA login popup. The problem is that I can't figure out why.

If I cancel the WA login, I see the following in the browser console:

Are there files in Sales that should have AA and not WA?


Thank you in advance



RE: Preview sidepanel in Sales and Windows Auth in 9.2R07

Hi Arild,

Have you made any further progress regarding this problem or is this still an unresolved matter?

As this is something that might affect an onsite-environment I'm just setting up (SO 9.2 R09), this is of interest also for me. :)

Best Regards

Av: Marcus Svenningsson 3. jun 2021