Senders adress - privacy confirmation email

When sending the "privacy confirmation email" automatically, when Person is created in Sales, the senders adress is set to be logged in users adress.

F.i.: If I created a new Person in SO Sales, the customer would recieve an email cofirmation sent from my personal email (tom.erik.helle@xxxx, and not, etc.)

Has anyone managed to override this setting, so that customer recieve "privacy confirmation email" from another adress then logged in users? If so - how? In many cases it's useful that replies to these emails is collected through Service.

RE: Senders adress - privacy confirmation email

Hello Tom Erik,

This will be solved when we release the new e-mail template feature.

There you can specify the sender of privacy confirmation e-mails

ETA Feb 2020

Av: Erik Eide 30. jan 2020