Trigger on archived email?

Is it possible to create a trigger (either by built in or script) that are executed when an email is archived via MailLink and a project is chosen?

RE: Trigger on archived email?

I have a customer that has asked for this as well. In short a trigger that:

in Sales after saving document (where document type is either incomming our (outgoing) email: Create pop up of new activity for same contact/company and associate.   User can then choose to cancel, or, fill in further details.

So far, every document OTHER than email can be used to trigger this.  (is this because the mail link is involved ?) However, the appointment is created (and saved automatically : no prompt comes up in interface.

this is an 8.5 on-premise.

Suggestions and pointers welcome.







Av: Eirik Simonsen 21. maj 2021