AfterAddProjectMembers Web Script

Hi Guys,

I am trying to create a script in SuperOffice Web to update some udefs in the project after a project member is added/removed.

I have managed to hook into the AfterAddProjectMembers (below) and change the udef values on the project but the problem is that users cannot see these changes unless they browse out/back to the project or if they F5/refresh manually.

public static void AfterAddProjectMembers(Int32 projectEntityId, ProjectMember[] projectMembers, ref object eventState)


IProjectAgent ProjectAgent = new ProjectAgent();
ProjectEntity Myproject = ProjectAgent.GetProjectEntity(projectEntityId);

...Can then update udefs in the project and save....


The question I have is whether it is possible to update the project udefs immediately [this works great if you use BeforeSaveProjectEntity] or if not is it wise to use a refresh command at the end of the script to refresh the screen? If so what command can I use that will not be too severe on users?

Many Thanks,


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