IMPORTANT: the 8.9 R09 download has been updated!

Hi there,

Today we have replaced the 8.5 - R09 (2020.01.08-01) on the download site (released Wednesday evening with a new version 8.5 - R09 (2020.01.09-03).

If you downloaded previous version of 8.5 R09 - (2020.01.08-01), please download the new version 8.5 R09 -(2020.01.09-03) before you install it at customers.

The previous version could cause problems where the same user is running both the windows client and the web client when it comes to installing Outlook Mail Link. The version of Outlook Mail Link that was bundled with the Windows installer, had a wrong version number that conflicts with the version number shipped with the Webtools 11.6 installer.

If customers have installed the Windows-client from Tuesday and are having problems, the only way to solve this is to uninstall the Outlook mail link on this computer and re-install it.

Note: For customers not running the Windows client and Outlook Mail Link there are no difference between the two versions.


We are sorry for the inconvinience

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