What is the Roadmap for 8.5?

Since the new G9 version now longer supports/have a Win Client.

For how long will 8.5 RXX remain in your maintenance plans.

Eg will 8.5 be maintained in parallell with G9 and get some of stuff from the G9 branch , eg updated api:s buggfixes etc.

Eg will there be another final 8.5 Version that superseeds 8.5 R15 and marks End of Life for 8.5?
Just like happened for 7.5 with the 7.5 SR2 version.



RE: What is the Roadmap for 8.5?

Hello Andres,

We need some time to see how this plays out, but here is how we see things right now:

  • We have not set any form of "End of life" for the 8.5 platform. 
  • The release frequency of 8.5 wil be change from every 3 week to a loger cycle. Typically each 3-6 moths
  • No major changes and features will be added to the 8.5 platform
  • We will not merge stuff from 9.x back to 8.5
  • We will fix critical bugs, make sure the API is stable and make sure the product support changes in other systems like new versions of SQL server, IIS, Microsoft Office, browsers, Windows 10 etc
  • New version of SuperOffice 8 will be annonced on the community (Releases)

I hope this gave you some answers



Av: Erik Eide 26. aug 2020

RE: What is the Roadmap for 8.5?

Thanks Erik!

Great answers, then I know a bit more on your long term plans of 8.5.


Av: Anders Larsson 26. aug 2020