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Bad ajax return status 500


We upgraded our environment into latest 8.4 R06 and with the service module, we have quite serious problems.

When ticket comes in and our service people tries to assign tickeet to active user, program gives an error message and then it stucks. Error message is Bad ajax return status 500. In log file i can see a lot of AjaxApp: Integrity check for data failed. -1.

Another problem is, that when service people tries to reply to the ticket, it does not fech emails into to field autoomatically. And when they type e-mail address into the to field, it does not find the match.

It makes it more complex, that from time to time both previously mentioned problems works. After a while, it is possible to assign ticket, and when it works, reply fetches also email addresses to and cc fields.

How can i fix the proble. Our service is stuck right now.




RE: Bad ajax return status 500


Please contact support for this. It sounds like your ajax executable is not working properly. The error message you quote is not from us. I suspect your IIS is unstable or something. You might temporarily try to change .fcgi to .exe in the registry table, to run our processes as CGI and not FastCGI.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 25. feb 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

"bad ajax return status" is a general error message - stating it cannot fetch the data it tries from the server - typical a network related issue. (but can be something totally else).

A couple of reason I have come accross on this is: full disk on server, Proxy setup (not allowing needed protocols or network addresses), CRM Script failing, FCGI / EXE iis-setup issue.

- pinpointing when it started to happen, who (users), which computers it happens on, how ofthen/what is executed/clicke on - ofthen helps determine where to start troubleshooting.

If it started after upgrade - was other tasks performed at the same time?
- like "Web doesn't allow to run eMarketing on a different domain"

Check "Console" in Chrome for indication on whats happening.

Can it be switched from FCGI to EXE and allowed unspecified CGI and ISAPI modules in IIS:see comment in this bug article:

Av: Frode Berntsen 25. feb 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

I'm thinking that main problem is in this log error message:

[17056] [(System) ] [ajax.exe ] 2019-02-25 09:27:32.729 [0.037] [0.037]: AjaxApp: Integrity check for data failed. () in :-1

Why check is failing and what data program is checking?


Av: Mikko Tillikainen 25. feb 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

When you upgraded, you were asked about setting the symmetric keys when running upgrade.exe

Did you get through that step successfully?

This error indicates that the symmetric values in the config file and the web.config does not match.

Av: Stian Andre Olsen 25. feb 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500


Yes, we inserted symmetric key values and after we turned into the problem, we double checked it. Because we did not have enough time to investigate this in our production environment, i changed fcgi to exe and now it work. Still need to find out, why fcgi does not work, but now i have a bit more time for investigation.

PS! we have dev server for testing upgrades at first and everything works like a charm on that. 

Thanks for all of your help



Av: Ingar Mölder 26. feb 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

Hi Ingar,

just a thought, but have you tried running upgrade.exe -onlyFCGI ?

I also guess that you've checked "Allow unspecified CGI modules" and in the scripts application in IIS, on Handler Mappings -> Edit Feature Permissions, set all permissions?

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 27. feb 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

Hi Ingar,

Did you get a fix for this, we have just had this issue reported to us from one of our customers.



Av: Trevor Sharp 25. apr 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

We got the same when upgrading to 8.4 R06 a few weeks back. Lots of 500-error for a couple of days. Disappeared when we changed from .fcgi to .exe, which we've been running since without any errors.

Av: Frode Lillerud 25. apr 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

Brilliant, thanks Frode, I will give this a try.


Av: Trevor Sharp 26. apr 2019

RE: Bad ajax return status 500

Also check that symmetric keys match between all SuperOffice instances (SuperOffice Web, Netserver, Customer Service).

Av: Mikko Tillikainen 26. apr 2019