Categories and country structure

Often I see country structure buildt into categories which is by SIM building the company structure into categories.

This pumps up the structure for international companies. I wondered if there is another 'smart' way to organize this..

RE: Categories and country structure


This question is as old as the hills :)

Let's say you have some standard categories: "Support/Hardware", "Support/Software". Now, by adding countries, you get "Norway/Support/Hardware", "Germany/Support/Hardware", etc. You will get countries * areas number of categories, which might become a lot.

The general idea is that you should have a category only if you need separate ticket assignment. If you only need filtering/reporting, then you can use an extra field instead. For instance, if you have the same people managing Hardware-ticket independent of country, then country should be a separate field. There is no need to have it in the category tree. However, if there are different people managing Hardware-tickets for different countries, then you actually need to have country as a part of the category hierarchy, because "Norway/Support/Hardware" will contain different agents than "Germany/Support/Hardware".


Av: Sverre Hjelm 18. jun 2020

RE: Categories and country structure

I guess that this also is why Tags has been implemented.


Either use Tags to select which country it's related to, then use categories for Support/Hardware etc.

Or use Tags to select Case Type and use Categories for countries.


Or go a different way, add an extra table.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 18. jun 2020