Customized customer center layout issue?

I followed a while ago Simen's post on how to customize the customer center. It had that look last week but today I see the standard look on it. The files are still saying they have been modified.

Anyone else noticed this behaviour today?

RE: Customized customer center layout issue?

Sure you havent upgraded the customer and the cc-templates are replaced? 
Is this Online or On Site? 
Could be you are showing the CC for a different language, if i remember correctly Simen never explicity said you had to create files for each language you want to be available. The Service-fileset have different files for every language so you can have a customized CC in norwegian and default for English etc. 


Av: Eivind Johan Fasting 4. jun 2019

RE: Customized customer center layout issue?

It is online.

I did not have any customer languages configured when I modified the site. A few days ago, I configured two languages and it was after that I noticed the standard layout. Will have a look at Simen's post regarding the modification of the site and different languages.

Av: Patrik Larsson 5. jun 2019

RE: Customized customer center layout issue?

Hi Patrik,

this has happened to me whenever I've edited the customer center files, then after that, created a new customer language.

What happens then is that the previous customer center files is no longer visibile in the GUI, but still accessible through the reply templates (if you know the id, which you can fetch from the registry table). I don't know whether or not this is by design, or if it's a bug - but still, it may be a reason for your frustration.

If, however, this is not what has happened, and you are unable to find out what's causing this, we could probably take a TeamViewer session on friday if it's ok for you? I may be able to find out the cause.

Anyways, re-editing the customer center files should update the looks, if that's good enough for you :)

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 6. jun 2019

RE: Customized customer center layout issue?

Hi Simen,

I see. Sounds like a bug to me, the files shouldn't change in my oppionion just because you add a new language.

So I assume I will have a to reset the files and reapply the new code. I used your packages and have done nothing else actually so not much is lost.

Thanks for the help!

Av: Patrik Larsson 7. jun 2019