include previous message to forwarded message


When you forward one particular message from ticket (messages right side local menu), it does not pick up previous message into it. I mean, if you later on go and check discussion, you can see only message you typed in, but message or messages you forwarded are not there.

It is quite difficult later on to follow and know, what messages were forwarded. 

Is there a way to add previous message or picked up messages into it? Scripting, changing screens.


RE: include previous message to forwarded message

Hi Ingar,

you have two options:

1. Create a new "Forward messages" screen, which will include the forwarded messages in the message history of the request. This is a bit of a time consuming job, and you need Expander Services to be able to create screens, but would enable you to do exactly what you ask for.


2. The second alternative is to just "Add comment" and paste previously added messages in the message box by using the "Insert" function:

This is a bit more manual, but here atleast you would be able to have the messages you forward stored in your request so that you know which messages have been forwarded.


Hope this was of some help.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 14. feb 2018

RE: include previous message to forwarded message

Third option:

Hook on to the Forward screen.

3. Create a script that has the following include name:


Then you can do whatever you want with it really.

HtmlElement he = getHtmlElement("messageText_editor");

Would set the text in the editor to "Test", but you could always fetch the last message using searchengine and put that into it instead. 

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 14. feb 2018

RE: include previous message to forwarded message

Thanks a lot. I will try out both of the automated ways.



Av: Ingar Mölder 15. feb 2018