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Issue with Customer Service


I have moved Customer Service from one server to the other.  I have installed CS.  All appears to be working.  I have restored the live database from the old server to the new server (both servers running the same version of SuperOffice).  I have copied over all the relevant folders over including the attachement folder, but I cannot access or add any attachements in Customer Service.

If I try to open an attachment I get an "Something went wrong. An error message is logged with current time: 2018-11-13 20:20:30", but I cannot find anything in any log files.  If I try to add an attachment I get no error, but the attachment is not added.

Any ideas what might cause this.

Many thanks,


RE: Issue with Customer Service


Does the application pool which runs CS have read and write rights to the attachment, text and log folders? 

Try enabling the 'print exceptions to screen' setting on the rms.fcgi?action=debug page to get a useful error message.

Av: David Hollegien 13. nov 2018

RE: Issue with Customer Service

Hi David,

Thanks for your comment, I have fixed the problem, silly mistake on my part.  CS is now on the M drive.  I did not update the config or registry tables.

All working now.  Thanks again.


Av: Trevor Sharp 13. nov 2018