Load custom CSS based on value in extrafield


We are pursuing different ways to load custom CSS in our Service environment.

I have an extrafield on my user called "UseCustomCSSLayout" where we experiment a bit. I would like to load this CSS-file when I open Service, only if the extrafield is true. Any tips about how I can go about doing this? 

I know you can use the UserDefScreen.css-file, but that would implement our changes for all users, not just those that are testing this functionality.

We have other parts that generate our own menu based on an extrafield, but experimenting with this did not yield me any results (and this is put in the System Script for main menu, not entire site).

Any thoughts appreciated.

RE: Load custom CSS based on value in extrafield


Any feedback on the matter is greatly appreciated as this is a heavily requested feature from our users.


Av: Markus Moripen 13. sep 2019