Project Relation using more than one field to search


I would like to add a Project Relation field to the request table. Which I can do fine but what I really want is to search using more than just the project name. For example I have a project called "Project A" with Project number of 321. I would like the relation field to return the desired project both when I type 321 and when I type "Project A". Is this possible? If so how?


Thanks in advance

RE: Project Relation using more than one field to search

As far as I know the only way to achieve this is by adding the element "Select relations" and in the "Simple values" section add these lines:

FlagNoNewButton = true
FlagOnlyOne = true
idField = project.project_id

column.0.displayField =
column.0.searchField =
column.0.operator = OperatorBeginsWith
column.0.label = Project

column.1.displayField = project.project_number
column.1.searchField = project.project_number
column.1.operator = OperatorBeginsWith
column.1.label = Project number

column.length = 2

This won't have the same fancy element type has the default project relation element, but it will work as per your request. Also, you can add more columns and criterias if you want.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 22. mar 2017