Refresh of service


We have a customer where all tickets are set to "unassigned". 2 associates can take ownership of the same ticket. Is there a preference or something we can set to refresh the dashboard so that this does not happen?

Anne lene

RE: Refresh of service

Hi, Anne.

We recommend using the "accept request" function.
When taking a new ticket that is in a queue/selection that several users take requests from.


If you use this function you will get a warning if someone has taken the ticket but it´s still stating that the request is unassigned in your browser.
The message look like this:


We also have the function called "get next".

So you order all the tickets after a deadline and in that way, you will get the next ticket in the queue by pressing get next instead.


When it comes to autorefresh of the website then addins in the browser is the way to go. 

Kind regards

Av: Samuel Holmström 4. jun 2020

RE: Refresh of service


I know about that function - but they cannot use that. They have a lot of "emergency" tickets - so they need to look at the list and choose case.

Anne Lene

Av: Anne Lene Solheim Lilleberg 4. jun 2020

RE: Refresh of service

There are no other functionality that warns the user that the case has been taken by someone else while you're in the "View Ticket" screen by default besides the "Accept Case" button, and sadly there are no triggers (as far as I'm aware of) that listens to the entity menu in the View Ticket screen.

Creating an Ajax script that "listens" to the current case and checks if the owner has changed is also not recommended as it will create a lot of unecessary queries to the database.

Usually, when a customer "requires" this functionality, I add the button "Accept Case" to the entity menu so that it's more accessible as it has the functionality Samuel describes.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 4. jun 2020