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Is it just me, or would it help if the request list showed earliest response at the top. If you have along string, its not efficient to have to scroll to the bottom every time to see if you have a reply. Also, I get no prompt from SuperOffice when an update is added, should I? 

RE: Request view / prompt

Hi Gordon!

This is a preference!

If you click your portrait icon in the top left section of your page, go to "Settings".

Choose the "Interface" tab and you should have a preference called:

"Show the last message at top". If this is turned on you'll have the last messages displayed first.

Could you elaborate on what you mean about the being notified about updates? Are you using our Online/Cloud solution?

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 9. mar 2017

RE: Request view / prompt

Just noticed that you tagged it as "request centre", so I assume you're talking about that.

It should be a config flag in our database if I'm not mistaken.

Will check it out.

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 9. mar 2017

RE: Request view / prompt

Hans is correct when he's saying that changing the message order in the customer centre is done in the config table.

In the table config, you have a column flags, and you'd want to change the bit number 7.

It's a bit difficult changing it without doing some math, but you can also change it with CRM script if necessary.

I advise someone experienced with CRM script to do this as there is a possibility of changing something critical.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 9. mar 2017

RE: Request view / prompt

And if you're using the online solution, you could submit a support request. Ask specifically for a change of the conflig flag with bit 7 with a reference to this dialogue.

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 9. mar 2017