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Set deadline as close of business

When creating a ticket a priority is given to it, which defines the deadline the ticket is due to be returned. This deadline is based on a defined time period from the exact time the ticket is created.

For example a next day response with an 8 hour working day works as follows. If the ticket is raised at 10:30am, the system gives it a deadline of 10:30am the following day, 8 hours later.

Is it possible to set the dealine as 5:00pm the following day, the close of buiness instead?

RE: Set deadline as close of business

I don't think this is possible by default, since the calculation of a deadline is simple based on a "time-period". Note however that I think it should be possible to create such a solution via CRMscript / custom handling of the deadline.

Av: Bas Kreijveld 13. jan 2020

RE: Set deadline as close of business

Hi Iain,


Please have a look at my post:


I think this covers the same challenge.



Av: Niels van Broekhoven 13. jan 2020

RE: Set deadline as close of business

Thanks Niels that is exactly what I am looking for.

I do not have a huge amount of experience with the service software so i would appreciate some guidance on exactly where i need to include this to get it to work correctly.


Av: Iain Maddocks 14. jan 2020