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Does anyone know how to set ut a selection that will show all contacts with a case in Service that are not linked to av company? 


If the e-mail adresse is not registrered on a company our solution is set up to create a contact. We have now discovered that we have many contacts that should be linked to a company and we must do a bit manual work. This would be much easier if we could make a selection and then work thru the list. 

RE: Show all contacts without company - Service

Hi Jan-Rune,

You can easily get this information by using the following criterias.

You need to have SAINT implemented, of course.

I hope this helps. ;-) 



Av: Clodoaldo Do Prado 13. jan 2021

RE: Show all contacts without company - Service

i did this with a dynamic selection
My client is in dutch so it could be that your field and table names differ a little bit

i start with the selection on the table "tickets"
the one who sends the ticket is person, and this person relates to a company
therefore i use the field person/company

just click the + sign before person to unfold the list

as you can see i chose as criteria for persoon/bedrijf "isempty"

so you get al cases of contacts who are not related to companies
please note -> im in advanced view which can be chosen in the hamburger menu when selecting criteria
otherwise the "is empty" option will not be available 

This is the way i implemented this in our company, i hope it suits you

Av: Jan Willem Steenbergen 29. jan 2021