Slow performance in Customer Center

Hi guys,

Came across an issue with a customer regarding requests in Customer Center.
Depending on the number of requests their respective customers has in Customer Center, the performance is significantly slow.

And we are talking about 3 - 500 requests, as their customers also have company access in the Customer Center.
The issue occurs when listing the requests - listTickets.html. Typically the loading time is between 15 - 25 seconds.

Is there a way to speed up the performance in Customer Center?

It is an OnSite solution - 8.0 SR5.
Might be relevant but they have app. 150.000 requests in total as of today.


RE: Slow performance in Customer Center

If I'm not mistaken, the search in listTickets.html utilizes mostly hardcoded ?actions , and goes through NetServer.

So if you want to make it quicker you could create your own ticket search and use SearchEngine with bypassnetserver?

Could perhaps be good feedback to the developers that this search could use some improvements though.

Av: Hans Wilhelmsen 25. maj 2018

RE: Slow performance in Customer Center

I've seen this as well, Kim - and if you look at the parser variables (%PARSER_TREE%), it seems that regardless of how many tickets you actually see in one screen, it loads them all.

So, unless you write your own listTickets2.html screen, I don't think you can do anything about the loading time.

Av: Simen Mostuen Iversen 25. maj 2018

RE: Slow performance in Customer Center

Simen is right, this is due to the heavy loading of parser variables.

But you are somewhat in luck. This was addressed in bug 53522, and it explains how to enable this to reduce the loading time and improve the performance.

In your case, you will need to upgrade to at least Onsite 8.1 RTM to have this feature.

Av: Stian Andre Olsen 25. maj 2018

RE: Slow performance in Customer Center

Thanks for the super fast and awesome feedback, guys! :)

Was hoping for a tweak on the hardware, since it is an OnSite solution, instead of customizing a screen.
Well this gives me 2 possibilities then. Upgrade or customization.

Thanks a lot! :)


Av: Kim Long Nguyen 25. maj 2018

RE: Slow performance in Customer Center


We have had a similar situation in CS, but talking about 100k - 200k requests, this didnt work at all in IE but in Chrome and Firefox it could take minutes to load

How we solved it:

Use DataTable Service side processing.

The ajax source for the server side processing is just an ajax call to a CRMScript that gathers the data and returns it as json, indexed, searchable and perfect within secounds.

We manage to get down to loading time from minutes to secounds using the technique.

Let me know if you need an example

Pär Pettersson
I-Centrum AB

Av: Pär Pettersson 25. maj 2018