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text on message bar


Is it possible to change the layout of the Message bar, e.g. adding some kind of text.

e.g. if all of the messages are collapsed, then it's hard to se what is what.(send to / Customer)

CS Message Bar

RE: text on message bar

Sorry, nope. 


Av: Sverre Hjelm 21. jul 2014

RE: text on message bar

Actually, my dear colleguages in Germany pointed out to me that the "author" field of the message can be used for exactly this purpose. In 7.5 this becomes quite elegant, as you can use the new event handler "Message added" (System design > Event handlers > New event handler (script)", and then the following script:

Integer MessID = getVariable("messageId").toInteger();
Message M;
String msg = M.getValue("body");
String MyAuthor = M.getValue("author");
String MyMsg = htmlConvToText(msg).stripLeadingAndTrailing(" \t\r\n");
MyMsg = MyMsg.prettyChop(90);
MyMsg = MyMsg.substitute("\n", "-");
MyMsg = MyMsg.substitute("\r", "-");
MyMsg = MyMsg.substitute("\t", "-");
M.setValue("author", MyAuthor + " :  " + MyMsg + " - ");

(Code courtesy of Ulrich Klein and Peter Kommorowski)

If you are using CS older than 7.5, you can still do this by using the global "Saving a request" script, but it's a bit more complicated.


Av: Sverre Hjelm 9. okt 2014

RE: text on message bar


the only drop of bitterness is, that we overwrite the ej_message-databasefield 'author'.

So if you want to create a report based on the author of messages you have to look for the left part of the field. The delimiter in our case is ':'.


Av: Ulrich Klein 10. okt 2014

RE: text on message bar

I have added it as a wish, you can find it here


Av: Henk Schepers 9. jan 2020