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Use FAQ-suggestions in auto-reply: how does it work?

Hi all,

I have a similar question as the one below, which never received an answer - hoping someone may be able to provide some new information!



In short:

- It is possible to "suggest FAQ-articles" in the first auto-reply of a new ticket

- There is a reply-template which shows the logic in the HTML > it looks like this:

Some text...no hits

Some text...

Name Description
[[faq.entryName]] [[faq.entryQuestion]]


My question:

- How does it find out if an FAQ-article is worth suggesting? In the email sent, is the subject and/or body taken into account?

- In the calculation of finding out whether and FAQ-article is worth suggesting, does it look at the keywords of an FAQ-article and/or the question and/or the answer? 

- Is there any way to manipulate/reduce/change the suggested results?


Any info is very welcome!



Inga svar ännu!