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Bug search filter chooices

It would have been nice to have some filters for the Bug search like:

Product: Net server, Sales & Marketing Win, Sales & Marketing Web, Customer Service, Customer Center, eMarketing

Versions: 5.x, 5.0/5/6, 6.x, 6.0/1/2/3, 7.x, 7.0/1/.... 

If you also could get it as multiple choices then it would be a dream.

i Understand that you can only have filters on what the bug database has, but those two would be prety standard.

RE: Bug search filter chooices

Hi Ronny!

There are plans for this. In the mean while, adding in key terms into the search into TFS does a pretty good job of picking the information you want. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Product Issue Center, search there for just product issues, not the whole site. That's where you're likely to see some change coming up in the not too distant future.

Best Regards


Av: Tony Yates 19. jan 2012