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My Forum topics

In old Devnet Forum you hade a dropdown with some "quick links" to e.g. My Forums, Latest Topics, Unaswered Topics ... and so on.

Are these "Quick Links" still here some where?

I used them alot, specialy thouse 3, My forums ,latest and unaswered.

I really can't find my forums anywhere so some sort of quick link or serach would be nice, if it doesen't already exist somewhere but i haven't found them.

RE: My Forum topics

In good time, sir! We lost some functionality moving over to this new platform, but know that those favorites will return.

We had to start somewhere... :-)


Best Regards


Av: Tony Yates 20. jan 2012


Just what i wanted to hear.

I understand that everything is not in place yet, i just wanted to make sure that some of the great features will come back. :)

Great work Tony.

Av: Ronny Eriksson 23. jan 2012