Config and ini files

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    Here's an overview of where you may find the different logfiles and how you enable debug or start up using command line switches for our windows applicaitons.

    SuperOffice Win

    Enable debug log (Win)

    SOUser.ini Used by SOCRM.exe, SOAdmin.exe and ReporterStudio.exe

    SuperOffice.config Used by SOCRM.exe, SOAdmin.exe and ReporterStudio.exe

    Command line switches for SOCRM.exe, SOAdmin.exe 

    SuperOffice Web

    Enable debug log (Web)


    Web Tools Diagnostics

    Outlook mail link

    Enable debug for Outlook Mail Link 

    Notes link

    Enable debug for Notes Mail Link


    Enable debug for Ribbons



    Service log files

    Service config

    Debug service tasks failing or not running