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Enable SuperID sign-in

In this article

    Enabling SuperID means that our Online Operations team configures the site to use SuperID and moves user details from the site-specific storage.

    To enable SuperID we need to take down your site for a minute and users will automatically be signed out. Please plan ahead to avoid any data loss. Pre-requisites:

    • SuperOffice CRM Online

    Required info:

    • Contact info

    • Company name

    • Cust ID of tenant

    • Your chosen date and time


    1. Submit a request for enabling SuperID for your CRM Online site.
    2. Notify your users of the scheduled down-time.

    3. We will send a confirmation to the email address you provided once SuperID is enabled.

    4. Sign back in after the migration.

    This sign-in service upgrade is free of charge.

    What happens to the user experience?

    UX changes when enabling SuperID
      End-user Administrator
    Super ID - basic

    No change (still using a password)

    • Can't set user's password in Admin client
    • Welcome-email is sent to the user automatically
    • If users are added from SuperOffice centrally - admin must approve through a link in email
    • Can enable IdP
    SuperID - federated Can accept to use service on 1st sign-in, and is then redirected to IdP to validate

    There are also changes to the password reset.

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