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Cloud Document Integration sign-in service - legacy

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    SuperOffice CRM Online can integrate with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint) document handling. These integrations are referred to as cloud document integrations. They allow users (associates) to be authenticated by the cloud document service providers and documents to be managed by the respective cloud document service provider.

    Before introducing SuperID, users could sign in with a federated identity from Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 for document management. This was handled through standard applications in our App Store:

    Now, SuperID - federated (with identity provider) supports Cloud Document Integration as an add-on. All customers with this integration are moved to SuperID - and the app-based sign-in service has become legacy.

    So yes, there are now 2 sign-in services where you can use a Microsoft or Google user account. But, these do not provide the same features!

    Your administrator needs to decide which features your site needs, by choosing one of the following:

    • SuperID authentication with federated sign-in services

    • Cloud Office with document handling features

    How do I use Cloud Office with document handling?

    1. Set up the application specific to your service provider:

    2. Configure Cloud Office document handling

    Read the technical description.