Running the Online Migration Tool

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    The SuperOffice CRM Online Migration Tool (OMT) is responsible for transferring a local onsite database and document archive to online.  It also makes sure that a set of initial configuration steps are carried out.

    The OMT can be executed in one of two basic modes:  Initial upload or recovery mode. 

    The OMT will automatically determine the mode when it starts. 


    The first step of the OMT is to log on to the local CRM onsite database.  The OMT will try to find a local windows installation.  It will then use that configuration and prompt the user with a user-name and password.  This must be the credentials of a local administrator (User or General Admin) in the CRM Database.   



    Contact details of the person performing the migration must be provided.  This is the contact details used during the migration process. 



    All users that shall log in to the migrated customer tenant in SuperOffice CRM Online must have a valid user license.  They must also have a valid e-mail address for logging in.  This e-mail address must be unique.  No other user can have the same e-mail address as such conflict will prevent successful logins to the system. 

    Both user plans and e-mail address user names must be validated by the migrator before the the customer can be migrated to online. 


    A new window is shown when the user clicks Check user plans.  The objective of this window is to ensure that all users that should have a valid user plan for log in, has this. 

    Each column represents a user plan.  The first column represents no user plan and users in this column are not allowed to log in.  At least one administrator must have a valid user plan.  Administrators are tagged with a golden crown. 


    Drag the user to the correct column to choose user plan.  Write a filter criteria to easier find a particular user or group of users.  All fields shown on the card is used in the free-text filter.  Filtering on name of user-group or position can be an efficient way of working with many users. 


    Click OK when licenses are assigned.  It is possible to come back to re-assign licenses after the other configuration steps are performed as well. 

    A valid e-mail address must be selected as user name.  All users must have a unique e-mail address.  Select one of the users existing e-mail addresses or write a new address as appropriate. 


    If another user has user name e-mail address populated on his person card on the time of migration, it will be removed. 

    Filtering works the same way as on the user plan assignment page 



    Click OK when all users are assigned a valid user name e-mail address 




    Continuing the wizard will upload database and documents SuperOffice CRM Online. 

    It is quite common that some documents are missing during the time of migration.  When the documents are found, they can be put into the document archive and uploaded again.  Restarting the OMT will initiate the recovery process uploading missing document files 



    Log on to the local database in the same way as a regular migration



    Missing documents will then be uploaded 



    Close the OMT when the client-side of migration has completed.