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Quote info

In this article
    qpon Quote PO Number
    qcom Quote Comment
    qkey Quote ERP quote key
    qord Quote ERP order key
    qvid Version Id
    qdev Version delivery terms (Display text)
    qdek Version delivery terms key (Id)
    qdtv Version delivery type (Display text)
    qdtk Version delivery type key (Id)
    qpev Version payment terms (Display text)
    qpek Version payment terms key (id)
    qptv Version payment type (Display text)
    qptk Version payment type key (id)
    qexp Version expiration date
    qvf1 Version extra field 1
    qvf2 Version extra field 2
    qvf3 Version extra field 3
    qvf4 Version extra field 4
    qvf5 Version extra field 5
    qvky Version ERP Key
    qnum Version number
    qver Version rank
    qaby Version approved by (Full name)
    qabi Version approved by (Id)
    qatx Version approved text
    qadt Version approval reg date
    qarb Version Approval reg by (Full name)
    qari Version apporoval reg by (Id)


    qdci Version delivery country id
    qdcn  Version delivery country name
    qda1  Version delivery address line 1, formatted
    qda2  Version delivery address line 2, formatted
    qda3  Version delivery address line 3, formatted
    qda4  Version delivery address line 4, formatted
    qda5  Version delivery address line 5, formatted
    qda6  Version delivery address line 6, formatted
    qda7  Version delivery address line 7, formatted
    qda8  Version delivery address line 8, formatted
    qda9  Version delivery address line 9, formatted


    qici  Version invoice country id
    qicn  Version invoice country name
    qia1  Version invoice address line 1, formatted
    qia2  Version invoice address line 2, formatted
    qia3  Version invoice address line 3, formatted
    qia4  Version invoice address line 4, formatted
    qia5  Version invoice address line 5, formatted
    qia6  Version invoice address line 6, formatted
    qia7  Version invoice address line 7, formatted
    qia8  Version invoice address line 8, formatted
    qia9  Version invoice address line 9, formatted