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  • Hi Anders, Maybe you can request a separate SuperOffice serial nr for the test enviroment? As far as I know the SuperOffice serial nr is used as unique key when registering the SuperOffice environment in the 'access gateway' used by SuperOffice for authorizing OnSite environments using OAuth to access the Microsoft 365 Api. You can switch a service mailbox to using OAuth by clicking the 'Change OAuth' button when opening the service mailbox. For this to be able to work make sure you have user credentials that directly authorize you on the mailbox, not an user which has access to it as a shared mailbox. You also need to make sure the DNS records and UPN is setup correctly so that SuperOffice can identify the mailbox correctly (see )  

  • Hi, I want to use the macro functions to create automations in our SuperOffice without having to create scripts. The Macro engine is really intuitive, however I see that there are a lot of fields that are not available in the entities I want to create. Such as:  Create sale : Not able to update sum , text field , udef fields . (also, the sale is created with no status . Which makes the sale hidden from reports) Appointment : Missing completed (Yes/No) and udef fields I have observed little change in functionality on macro for a while. Will there be added more functionality? 

  • We will deploy a new pilot version of WebTools for Windows today: WebTools for Windows pilot release 12.4 Major fix in this version:  fixing an error when sending invitations. SuperOffice CRM Online will automatically detect new versions of WebTools and offer pilot users to update. WebTools can also be downloaded manually by pliot users from the download menu inside SuperOffice

  • Suggestion for making things easier to understand and easier to manage: - I would say all is good for customers who do not use the Screen Designer - If the Screen Designer is enabled: 1) Disable the possibility to move fields up and down in the Admin - Field section 2) If a new field is added, always add this field at the "last position/bottom" of the More-tab (managed by the Screen Designer) -> after publishing the new field, the user can go to the Screen Designer and "position" the field there. Should the above be no option, then I think the work-around to simply remove the "More tab" is a good one as well, as it simplifies the logic in almost the same way. But this would be more like a "note to self/consultants", since this would not be something a customer would consider I think.

  • Hi Bas and Stein,   Thanks!   I got Feedbacks from our SO Support Teams in Germany, it is because of Tracing of my crm scripts for Event "Saving a request", it maybe causes to many traffic loaded on the SO Cloud Server and makes Problem in Performance. I should shut down such tracing. Just I wonder the scripts and Tracing runs from years, this Trouble is new from last Friday. I will see whether it may help.

  • Also, make sure to have a look at this new feature in Mobile CRM:   This will do exactly what you want SuperOffice to do: try to recognize a phone number (on your mobile phone) and report the correct person straight away (without the need to have the person stored locally on your phone).   Also, you could consider evaluating one of the CTI-solutions in our SuperOffice App Store  

  • This seems to be a bug related to filtering on "documents" for the "Find contact" option. I have submitted a bug internally (will share the bug ID as soon as it is confirmed). As a work-around you could filter on an activity/appointment/follow-up type instead of a document >> that seems to work as expected.

  • Hi Par,   A bit late, but please have a look at this old post regarding "how to mark them as checked in":   The document status is apparently linked to: - Appointment.type = 4 >> "documents" only - Appointment.status = 1 >> "open documents"   I could imagine evaluating these "open documents" and apply the steps as suggested in the article, based on the "checkoutinfo".


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  • Bas Kreijveld Core CRM features

    Let's talk about contact management, privacy features, diary, document management, find and selection features, email and office integration tools that support personal productivity.

    07.28.2022 mode_comment 104
  • Frode Berntsen 🔒 CLOSED! - SharePoint Documents

    Open, edit and store documents in Office365 SharePoint directly from SuperOffice.

    05.18.2022 mode_comment 47
  • Marketing management

    Let's talk about customer segmentation (selections), communication campaigns (mailings), tracking marketing results.

    07.01.2022 mode_comment 30
  • Frode Berntsen SuperOffice Mobile CRM (for SuperOffice 9.x or 10.x)

    Mobile CRM provides real-time access to your CRM data through an intuitive and user-friendly app that you can use on both your smartphone and your tablet.

    05.18.2022 mode_comment 13
  • Frode Berntsen 🔒 CLOSED! - OAuth 2.0 for SuperOffice

    Modern authentication (OAuth 2.0) against SuperOffice Inbox and Service mailboxes over IMAP (Microsoft 365 only)

    06.15.2022 mode_comment 12
  • Frode Berntsen 🔒 CLOSED! - Selection of Chat, Forms and Mailings

    Chat, Forms and Mailings as entities with all that follows in Find and Selection.

    06.14.2022 mode_comment 3

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