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My Favourite Feature - Customisable Dashboards

This short video will show you how you can get the most out of using the new customisable dashboards in SuperOffice. Have a look at some of our new available tables and see how easy it is to create brand new dashboards where you can easily change the dataset and layout of your chosen tile.


Discover the new Help Center & Community

Discover your new All-in-one Help Center & Community. Where you are in full focus. The new Help Center & Community offers you one site, one place to learn, one place for support, and only one login.


Resource Management - My Favourite Feature

This short video will show you how you can get the most out of using your SuperOffice CRM Diary for Resource Management. Learn how you can use the Diary area to help manage your internal resources, this could be booking the use of internal equipment, allocating vehicles or even used to book meeting rooms within the business.


How to create a project in SuperOffice CRM

Learn how to create a project in SuperOffice CRM. A project is ideal for organizing all your documents, meetings and other activities. And sharing them with your colleagues and other project members.


How to add a new dashboard tile and edit its layout

Learn how to add a dashboard tile and edit its layout. We will explain how you can: • Add tiles to your dashboard • Create your dataset by adding the search criteria • Edit your Chart layout, and • Edit the formatting options. For more information about using Dashboards go to: How to create and edit a dashboard in SuperOffice CRM https://youtu.be/W68M1IOke0Y


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