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Latest Forum Posts

  • Kasun Ratnayake

    this topic is added so that senura can check logs  

    Kasun Ratnayake 01.26.2022
  • Senuri Samindi

    Testing reply

    Senuri Samindi 01.26.2022
  • Johan Herodes

    We have the individual config that sends an e-mail if errands not been read or answerd for a given time-period. If we want to achive the same in a selection SO lacks the possibility to select action older than, say 5 days. The same concept could be used for our status "waiting for customer".

    Johan Herodes 01.25.2022
  • FR

    Hi Gerard, thanks you for your answer

    Fabrice Reithinger 01.20.2022
  • Frode Berntsen

    A new version of the Pilot Feature " SuperOffice SharePoint Documents" will be available in a few weeks time. This verison will allow you to u se AAD groups to control access to  SuperOffice documents. Stay tuned.

    Frode Berntsen 01.19.2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    It is commonly said that everything in IT is possible - the only limits are creativity, budget and time :) The first point is not possible with the standard feature set in Service. Then second and third are possible, but from your message, I understand that they all have to be done through Service.  I guess that with CRMscripting and, creative approach to tasks it is possible to fulfil many requirements. In this situation, the best shot is getting a consultation with a SuperOffice technical consultant. To discuss details and how much it would take to create a custom solution as the client wish.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01.17.2022
  • Christian Mogensen

    I think the wish is for a sum(duration) of all the appointments in a project, where duration = end-date-time - start-date-time   i.e. a meeting from 3.jan 9:00 to 3.jan 11:00 has a duration of 2 hrs.  

    Christian Mogensen 01.12.2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    It is a situation that some of the customers encounter once in a while. You described the situation accurately. Once you change the ejtag, reply messages to existing open (or closed) tickets will create a new ticket (request). As far as I know, there is no "magic" trick to avoid it. The best practice could be to make a change on a low activity period when there are fewer open requests . Consultants that work with these requests will have to merge replies to these few open requests manually. Batch management tools in Service allow you to do it swiftly. I hope this answered your question. If it does, please don't forget to select this reply as an answer.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01.11.2022

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