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  • JV

    Hey There, please excuse the upcoming wrong terminology, I'm using SuperOffice in German so I don't know the correct english terms... I transferred the "Not deliverable" list, provided after an Email kampagne, to a selection, so I could see the responsible sales rep. of the addressees who couldn't be reached. (hope this makes sense) The "not deliverable" list in the campaign consists of 51 entries. The selection created out of that list contains only 34 entries (respectively 38, I tried it a couple of times and got different results). This is kinda annoying as I can't detect whats the problem. Tipps would be highly appreciated.

    Janka Vazquez 05.24.2022
  • Tony Yates

    Looking at the support case, it appears the customizations responsible for creating certain documents was not setting the documents extref property. This caused these documents to become marked for softdelete and thereby unavailable after a few days. When set correctly, documents remain available and open as normal. Best regards.

    Tony Yates 05.23.2022
  • Samuel Holmström

    Glad to hear that it all worked out for you! Have a great summer. 

    Samuel Holmström 05.23.2022
  • Pär Pettersson

    Hi, We have ran into an issue for an onsite customer that some documents never gets checked in, so we need to make an daily task to check them in using script. But, how can we identify what documents have been checked out? cant seem to find anything in the database, the only way seems to check if they file have been moved to the locked folder in so_arc. But, where is this information stored in the database? Regards Pär

    Pär Pettersson 05.23.2022
  • Samuel Holmström

    Hi, Morten.  Unfotently the chat is not accessible in the app Mobile CRM. How the chat would work in just a browser session of Superofifce on a phone or tablet I'm not sure off. But thats the way to be able to be acrive in the chat.  

    Samuel Holmström 05.21.2022
  • Erik Eide

    Hello Anne Lene It is very rear that only 1 member in the team has a target and the rest do not. It saves you a lot of clicks to automatically add all users in a team. Our initial user surveys/test clearly indicated that the current solution is preferred Anyway all users in a team wil get the value 0 in target, and this is the same as no targets at all in our dashboard tiles

    Erik Eide 05.20.2022
  • Cathrine Mula Davis

    And me

    Cathrine Mula Davis 05.20.2022
  • Frode Berntsen

    Hi Anne Lene Export to PDF is not yet implemented - menu item has been removed in next version and will be reintroduced when feature is in place. Thank you for feedback :) 

    Frode Berntsen 05.20.2022

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    Let's talk about contact management, privacy features, diary, document management, find and selection features, email and office integration tools that support personal productivity.

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    05.18.2022 mode_comment 47
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    SuperOffice AI is an umbrella of specific AI Services that we integrate across our CRM Online product line. We will use public available AI services, like Microsoft cognitive services to process our CRM data and automate more of the manual processing our users spend time on today.

    04.27.2022 mode_comment 35
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    05.24.2022 mode_comment 26
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    With the SuperOffice for Outlook add-in, you can save contacts and archive e-mails from your e-mail client. SuperOffice for Outlook provides access to your CRM data presented in an intuitive and user-friendly add-in in your e-mail client, - a “zero footprint” add-in for all Outlook apps (Web, Win, Mac or mobile)

    05.04.2022 mode_comment 6

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