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Product roundup – Measure marketing performance

This time in SuperOffice Product news – new measuring and performance-tracking capabilities for your marketing activities, ability to approve quotes straight on your mobile device, and a more advanced search functionality in your Mobile CRM app.


Viktig informasjon om SuperOffice 8 og tidligere versjoner

Vi informerer om viktige endringer knyttet til versjon 8 og tidligere versjoner av SuperOffice CRM, samt en kommende endring i prisen på vedlikeholdsavtaler.


Enjoy effective document collaboration and information sharing with SharePoint and SuperOffice CRM

With the SuperOffice SharePoint document integration, you can store the documents and emails you’ve created in SuperOffice CRM in your SharePoint repository. This allows everyone in the company to quickly save, access and share important documents.


Product roundup June 2022 - SharePoint integration

The main news this month is our new integration with SharePoint. By integrating SuperOffice CRM with your SharePoint document repository, you give everybody in your company access to the same documents, whether they use SuperOffice CRM or not.


Product roundup May 2022 - Caller identification

This month's product update includes a new feature for identifying who’s calling, a new way to present address details on company cards, and how to automate manual processes using a script and a button on the company card.


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