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  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    As you stated, customers can add Alt (Alternative) Text on the image using New Mailing Editor. WCGA -  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines focuse on the content of the text and this is all up to the customer to make it competable. The fact that ALT Text field exists allows to state that Editor provides a tool to be competible.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01-27-2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    As far as I tested it is not possible. We are only allowed to have one check box preselected. If anyone who reads this post needs more information on the topics, please check this FAQ How do I create a web form that contains pre-populated fields?

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01-27-2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    Thank you for the question and suggestion. If I understand correctly you are looking to get an overview of all e-mails sent out as reminders. If your set-up only sends out e-mails then you are right these e-mails cannot be easily retrieved in a selection.  However, if your set-up sends out an e-mail and leaves a comment in a support case (e.g. in the screenshot), then it would be possible to get an overview of these messages (that are representing the e-mails sent) in a selection.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01-27-2022
  • Kasun Ratnayake

    this topic is added so that senura can check logs  

    Kasun Ratnayake 01-26-2022
  • Senuri Samindi

    Testing reply

    Senuri Samindi 01-26-2022

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