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Did you get stuck with the setup of SuperOffice CRM? Do you need inspiration on how to automate the work process or simply get more of your solution? Here is the place to post questions, share tips and workarounds and help others.

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Users and user right management

Let's talk about user setup, data access and functional rights management.​

How to allow a user access to CRMscript and nothing else in the admin application
By: mto
5. sep 2022

Settings and maintenance

Let's talk about preferences, lists, labels, SAINT, data import and other CRM administration topics.

Global administrator
By: Anders Hverven
12. sep 2022

Setting up and administrating Service

Let's talk about setting up and administrating request management and knowledge base in SuperOffice Service.

Is it possible to have a conditional field in a ticket header
By: Michel Krohn-Dale
13. apr 2022

GDPR in SuperOffice CRM

Let's talk about setting up and administrating GDPR processes using SuperOffice CRM.

Role based security on visibility mailings and receipients
By: brianm
3. jan 2022

SuperOffice add-ons

Let's talk about Customer Engagement Platform (web forms, chat, Customer Center) calendar synchronization, SuperOffice AI, and much more.

Mapping a field in ERP sync to the "Stop" property on a company
By: Samuel Holmström
13. apr 2022