What's new documents

With each main version of SuperOffice, you'll find a comprehensive overview of all new features in a document called "What's new". Get the documents for each version here.
What’s new in SuperOffice 9.2
21. Oct 2020
Size: 2.35mb
This version introduces a new and better way to search for information, a Customer Engagement Concept and a range of improvements in the new Mobile CRM application. 
What’s new in SuperOffice 9.1
19 Aug 2020
Size: 1.15mb
New graphical user interface, the new side panel, and new ways of filtering, sorting and organizing information. And a new mobile app is released.
What’s new in SuperOffice 8.5
6 Nov 2019
Size: 2.87mb
Highlights: tags and autosave in Service, and a major makeover of the Customer Center.
What’s new in SuperOffice 8.4
27 Sep 2018
Size: 1.15mb
Forms, email and form template library, ERP sync, macros for everyone, more triggers in CRMScript, Pocket CRM diary & appointments
What’s new in SuperOffice 8.3
15 Jul 2019
Size: 1.24mb
New contact card, bulk delete, personal data report, SAINT for contacts, export and import of mailing templates, Pocket CRM includes GDPR features, business card scanner
What’s new in SuperOffice 8.2
22 Dec 2017
Size: 0.86mb
Consent management, subscription management, privacy settings, bulk update
What’s new in SuperOffice 8.1
Chat, a new inbox, Gmail Link - email integration for Gmail, bulk update for Windows client, Service: eJScript turns into CRMScript and available in SuperOffice Service
What’s New in SuperOffice 8
New design, navigation bar, diary usability, mailings & mail merge, usability in Service client, dashboard, security and speed in the web client