Mobile CRM 10.1.9

This release will make Request Notifications public available. When receiving a New request, New message, Activated request or Escalated request you will get notified directly in your Mobile CRM app and on your phone's Notification Centre.

We also introduce a much wanted feature, the ability to look up phone numbers that call you based on phone numbers stored in SuperOffice CRM. We call this feature "Mobile CRM Caller ID". This means you can set up Mobile CRM to scan your contacts phone number within SuperOffice and present the name of the contact when s/he calls you if the person is not registered in your local phonebook.


  • Request Notifications public available (requires Service license)
  • Caller ID lets you identify contacts in your SuperOffice CRM when they call you. With Caller ID you will immediately see who is calling you and you can respond properly. 

    This is how it looks like for Android (left) and iOS (right). Note that there are more functionality available for the Android than the iOS. This is due to the limitations in the iOS platform. For Android we can also offer to save the call as an appointment in Mobile CRM after the call is finished.


    If you need some help with the settings on your phone, check our FAQ here
    How do I start using Caller ID for Mobile CRM? (

    NB: You can try out new functionality by joining our Beta program that runs for a week prior to every release
    How to sign up for the SuperOffice Mobile CRM beta-program?

Bugfixes and improvements:

  • Redball shows a number on the logo which is wrong
  • Do not allow setting request postponed to date in the past
  • Fixed problems with empty attached documents/links in Invitations

Products affected:

This is an update that will cover the following products:
  • Mobile CRM client for iOS (distributed in Apple App Store)
  • Mobile CRM Client for Android (distributed in Google Play)


This is minimum requirements. For latest added functionality you may need latest SuperOffice and an upgraded operating system on your device.
  • SuperOffice: 9.1 or newer (SuperOffice 10.1.1 required for Caller ID)
  • Android OS: 9.0 or newer
  • iOS: version 12.0 or newer (iOS 13.0 required for Caller ID)

Status Released
Produktnavn Mobile CRM
Versjon 10.1.9
Dato for utgivelse 05 april 2022