How do I start using Caller ID for Mobile CRM?

Updated on 29 Mar 2022

With the Caller ID function in Mobile CRM you can see the name of the person who is calling you, if the phone number is stored in SuperOffice CRM. For Android phones it also gives you the possibility to save the phone call directly to SuperOffice as an activity. 


How to start using Caller ID for Mobile CRM? 

To start using the Caller ID function for the Mobile CRM app, please make sure you have the Mobile CRM app installed and that your SuperOffice account and Mobile CRM app meet the following requirements:

  • Mobile CRM app: version 10.1.9 or higher. Click here to see the release notes of this version. 
  • SuperOffice CRM Online

 If they do, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings screen in Mobile CRM and click on the Allow call identification option. 



2. In the Allow call identification screen, click on the Open settings menu in order to get to the iOS or Andriod settings where you can activate Caller ID​.



The rest of the steps to enable Caller ID for Mobile CRM depend on whether you are using an Android phone or an iOS phone. Click on the link that applies to you below.


I am using an Android phone

3. You may end up in the Display over other apps screen in Android settings. Activate the SuperOffice app.


4. Allow the permission requests as they appear and enable Display/Draw over other apps for SuperOffice. Tap the previous page button twice to go back to Mobile CRM.

Note! If you have previously chosen 'Deny, do not ask again' to the permission requests, you need to go into the general phone settings to allow SuperOffice to access your phone call logs and make and manage phone calls. You can do this via Settings -> Apps -> Permissions. Go to 'Call logs' and 'Phone' and give the SuperOffice app these permissions. 

5. The Mobile CRM Settings screen for 'Allow call identification' will now show 'Active'. Your device and app are now ready to use Caller ID for Mobile CRM. 


I am using an iOS/Apple phone


3. In the Call Blocking & Identification screen in iOS settings you can activate the SuperOffice app​.


Note! It can be that your phone opened the Phone settings screen in iOS settings instead. In that case you have to find Call blocking & Identification in the list and click on it to get to the screenshot above. 

The allow call Identification function is now set to Active. 


4. Check if the Background update is set to Active. By default this setting is set to Active and not visible in the Allow call identification page. If you do not see the Background update setting here, your device and app are ready to use Caller ID for Mobile CRM. 

If it is visible, like in the printscreen below, follow the steps below to activate Background update.



5. You need to enable Background App Refresh for SuperOffice Mobile CRM. This settings is found in iOS settings under General.​


Your device and app are now ready to use Caller ID for Mobile CRM


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