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SuperOffice My Favourite Feature - Service

Keeping your customers happy and delivering on your promises is key to growing your business. With SuperOffice Service you can provide your support teams with a panoramic view of your customers, lower response times and streamline your support workflows. This helps your teams spend more time on what matters most – delivering service that exceeds your customers’ expectations. During this short video you will see SuperOffice Service in action and see the great value this feature can offer any business. ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


My Favourite Feature - Quote Manager

SuperOffice Quote is a feature that helps you generate quotes quickly and accurately – saving you time and minimising errors. In this video you’ll see how easy it is to create and send different quotes, you will also see how you can visualise key reports from this added intelligence. Once you have registered a sale in SuperOffice CRM, it is quick and easy to create a quote and send it to the customer. The quote can contain several alternative versions for the customer to choose from, and you have full control of the different versions if there are any changes along the way. ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


Customer Success Story: The Contender

The Contender UK is a premier brand in the world of sailcloth making. They faced all kinds of challenges as the business grew. See how they used SuperOffice CRM to tackle their business challenges while still staying personal and in-touch with their clients.


Enjoy effective document collaboration and information sharing with SharePoint and SuperOffice CRM

With the SuperOffice SharePoint document integration, you can store the documents and emails you’ve created in SuperOffice CRM in your SharePoint repository. This allows everyone in the company to quickly save, access and share important documents.


Product roundup June 2022 - SharePoint integration

The main news this month is our new integration with SharePoint. By integrating SuperOffice CRM with your SharePoint document repository, you give everybody in your company access to the same documents, whether they use SuperOffice CRM or not.


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  • Hello fellow SO-users. We are currently using 8.5 on-prem at our company, and have been very accurate with defining relations between companies and suppliers, in our database.   But, I cannot find any way to extract the data. I can only view them via the Customer card in SO.   I would like to extract the information to Excel, like the picture says.   Anybody out there that can help me?   Thanks in advance! Peter    

  • Thanks for you answer David. A separate license for customer test environments might be a solution, but not optimal I think. And thanks for the tip that it must be a real user, shared mailbox is still not good enough it seems. (that was on my todo list to test, but since I guess you have tested it, that saves me some time) I would like to have an answer from RND on how we are supposed to handle test/prod environments when we start activating Modern Auth on service-mailboxes. If not 2 instance (1 test and 1 prod ) is possible I think OnPrem customers should get free extra serial key(s) to be used in test-environments. (preferably key-request via some sort of self service) But now when I reconsider an extra serial for test will effect other 3rd party components and cause them to also issue new licensees for test so it absolutely not a preferred solution.. /Anders

  • Hi Åsmund Yes, it is possible to update some of the contact fields in CRM from a web form. Form fields from the list with "SuperOffice elements" can update related contact fields in CRM.

  • Good point, Jimmy. Recently, macros were mentioned in our SuperOffice Sustainability webinars, so it would be really nice if we could add more functionality AND make it even more user-friendly...  

  • We will deploy a new pilot version of WebTools for Windows today: WebTools for Windows pilot release 12.4 Major fix in this version:  fixing an error when sending invitations. SuperOffice CRM Online will automatically detect new versions of WebTools and offer pilot users to update. WebTools can also be downloaded manually by pliot users from the download menu inside SuperOffice


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  • Bas Kreijveld Core CRM features

    Let's talk about contact management, privacy features, diary, document management, find and selection features, email and office integration tools that support personal productivity.

    07-28-2022 mode_comment 104
  • Anders Larsson Settings and maintenance

    Let's talk about preferences, lists, labels, SAINT, data import and other CRM administration topics.

    08-09-2022 mode_comment 65
  • Service management

    Let's talk about request / ticket management, automation and knowledge base management in SuperOffice Service.

    07-28-2022 mode_comment 65
  • PW

    Marketing management

    Let's talk about customer segmentation (selections), communication campaigns (mailings), tracking marketing results.

    08-12-2022 mode_comment 33
  • Frode Berntsen SuperOffice WebTools for Windows

    SuperOffice WebTools for Windows is a set of productivity tools for computers running Windows OS. This includes Document management integration against SuperOffice Web and MailLink for Outlook.

    08-02-2022 mode_comment 12