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Product roundup December 2022: News summary

We look back at the main product news of 2022 together with Erik Eide, our talented Product Director. Erik explains some of the thinking behind the new features, sums up their advantages through examples, and gives us a hint of what’s to come.


The 7 most popular features added to Mobile CRM in the last 12 months

Did you know that your smartphone, with all its apps, is now more powerful than your PC? That’s why people use them so much both in their private and business life. When it comes to business, gone are the days when people needed to be physically present next to their computer to use software solutions, enter and check data, and act. Nowadays, we do business on the go or from home. And nothing should restrict our access to key productivity tools, such as a CRM solution. No surprise, our Mobile CRM app is very popular among our customers. This is how Mobile CRM app can make your work more efficient: It helps you give structure to your busy schedule. It reminds you of important tasks and follow-ups. It helps you quickly find the customer information you’re looking for. It tells you who’s calling you. It gives you access to CRM information at any time and from anywhere (even when you have restricted access to wi-fi). At SuperOffice, we constantly improve our Mobile CRM app, by adding new features (almost) every month. So, if you haven’t used the app in a while, there’s a good chance you missed some of the new features that we’ve added. And if you are planning to download the app, you will be pleasantly surprised how many things you can now do with the help of Mobile CRM. In this article, we’d like to present to you the 7 most popular features we’ve added to the Mobile CRM app in the last 12 months. 7 features recently introduced in Mobile CRM Here’s our top 7 of the most popular new features. 1. Caller ID With Caller ID you will immediately know who’s calling you. When you know which company the caller works for, you can respond properly. This is a small, but important feature that will help you improve the customer experience that you give your customers. If you need some help with the settings on your phone, check our FAQ How do I start using Caller ID for Mobile CRM?   2. Request management Improving customer satisfaction is at the top of almost every company’s to-do list. Being able to respond to customer requests at any time and from anywhere, just using your smartphone will help you lower response times. And customers always value fast response times. 😊 Mobile CRM is now equipped with several features that improve customer service and reduce the response time when handling requests on your phone: When you edit a request message on your phone, you get a notification that asks you to confirm the change so that you don't accidentally send before you are ready. If you’re a request owner, you get the “Automatically assign” option. FAQs and Reply templates can be inserted into the request. Request notifications will warn you when the customer has responded, or changes have been made to your request. You can add several images at the same time into a request. Note: Request management for Mobile CRM is also available for you if you have SuperOffice CRM installed on your own premises. 3. SuperOffice 10 Dashboards To meet your key performance metrics, you need to regularly check your current status. The best way to do it is via Dashboards . You can now view all your dashboards, including the new dashboards that are available in SuperOffice 10, straight on your phone. This way you’ll stay up to date with all the KPIs that are important for your daily work. No matter where you are, instant access to status reports to see how you or your team is doing means you can easily control what’s happening. And it also feels just great to see how a report changes in front of your eyes, after you’ve updated a sale, an activity or any other type of criterion that you measure. 😊 4. Join video meetings When you’re on the go or working remotely, you still need to attend meetings. When you’re in the car (standing still, of course) or on a train, you can now join video meetings right from your phone. Note: Video meetings is a feature available for those using SuperOffice CRM in the cloud.   5. The stop sign For many years, a favorite feature for SuperOffice CRM users has been the stop sign 🛑 that appears on certain screens. It is a warning that immediately grabs your attention, and it can be used to alert the user about many things. Now you can see the stop sign in your Mobile CRM app, too! When you see the stop sign on a Company card in your Mobile CRM, you’ll know that you must stop and check out what’s going on. For example, this customer might have payment issues, might be in the process of cancelling, or there’s another issue you should be aware of. Whatever it is, the stop sign now available in the Mobile CRM app will give you a warning instantly, so you can act accordingly! 6. New user interface languages At the beginning of 2022, we added 5 additional languages to support our user interface on the Mobile CRM app ensuring that more colleagues can access the app in the language they prefer to use. Hân hạnh! (This is Vietnamese for “you’re welcome”). The five new languages are: Chinese (simplified) Vietnamese Korean Portuguese (Brazilian) German (Switzerland) with correct number and date formats 7. CRMScript and triggers Companies invest in workflow automation for different reasons: to save time, to increase productivity, to improve data quality, to provide consistent customer experience – these are just a few examples. 😊 We know that every company works differently. That’s why you can customize what to automate and when it should happen. And there are many tools, apps and other capabilities that help you automate and customize your solution the way you need. Some of these capabilities are made available when you subscribe to the add-on Development Tools , such as CRMScript and triggers: CRMScript is an embedded scripting language that you can use to create different automations and workflows to fit the way your business works.  Triggers are based on the CRMScript and are pre-defined triggers and events that allow you to set up “if this, then that” automations in SuperOffice CRM. For example, you may want to get an automatic update of information or to create a new activity automatically when something specific occurs, like a sale set as “sold” or an activity set as “completed”. Triggers can execute a CRMScript or a macro which are maintained and created in the main SuperOffice CRM client. When we introduced Requests into Mobile CRM, we already supported triggers in these categories: Service: new request Service: request changed This has now been expanded to include all CRM triggers available in SuperOffice CRM (before and after Save event triggers) for the entities available in Mobile CRM, such as: Diary, Company/Contact, Sale, Project. With all these trigger events now supported in Mobile CRM you can be sure that whatever your script is meant to do, e.g., validate data, automate tasks or workflows, it will do it. It doesn't matter if you activate a script from your Mobile CRM app or by working in SuperOffice CRM on your computer. If the trigger is activated, the script will run! In other words, the expanded trigger feature in Mobile CRM makes this capability even more flexible than before. If you need help setting up your company’s own automations, just get in touch with your contact at SuperOffice. How to download the app If you want to get started with any of these features, but haven’t downloaded the Mobile CRM app yet, you can go to SuperOffice Mobile CRM in the SuperOffice App Store and find links to Apple App Store and Google Play to install it. Or just go directly either and search for SuperOffice Mobile CRM . You can log in using your SuperOffice CRM credentials. To help you get started with the app we’ve created this quick start guide for Mobile CRM . And if you’d like some more information, there’s plenty of resources available on our user guide section for Mobile CRM in the Community. Get early access to new features and help us improve Mobile CRM These were only 7 of many small and large improvements that our team regularly adds to Mobile CRM app. If you want to try out the new functionality and at the same time help us improve our app, you can do so by joining our Beta program that runs for a week prior to every release. How to sign up for the SuperOffice Mobile CRM beta-program   


Compare pipeline reports against sales targets

New tools coming your way will help you compare your forecast with your sales targets, migrate SuperOffice documents into SharePoint, and customize SuperOffice screens to fit different needs.


Measure marketing performance

This time in SuperOffice Product news: new measuring and performance-tracking capabilities for your marketing activities, ability to approve quotes straight on your mobile device, and a more advanced search functionality in your Mobile CRM app.


Important changes for version 8 and earlier versions of SuperOffice CRM

​Important changes are coming to SuperOffice CRM version 8 and earlier versions in January 2024, and we recommend companies on these versions to take action.


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  • Hi Ole. Thank you for your question. If you already have a Sandbox / Test env . - then the best way is to use this env.'s name when signing up in the "company - name" field in the sign-up form : - if your're unsure the company name is unique (don't differ from the prod env.'s name) - add "CustIDXXXX" with your test env.custid in the "company - name" field. If you don't have a Sandbox / Test env.  - you may buy your own CRM Online sandbox (test) tenant in production based on a copy of your production data: How do I get one? To buy your own CRM Online production sandbox, please contact your local sales representative or fill in  this form . 

  • The moving of Knowledgebase is not working in CRM. The Statistics should also be moved to CRM.

  • Thanks - the developers will look into the wish, - it looks like there is a need for a templatevariable to overcome this. When it comes to the naming, they say they will stick to using the name that is on the entity, and that is EjMessageId :)

  • Hi Ole. Thanks for reaching out :) There is no change to the customer portal at all with enabling New Request Management - and will work exactely as before. - the only change is on the agent-side related to customer portal  - where currently there is not direct access to manage customer-portal-users username and password. This will come. 

  • We have now opened the possibility to enable this feature also for our onsite customers!   Who can join the pilot program? * CRM Online ( 10.1.7 or higher) * CRM Onsite (10.2.1 or higher) (add FeatureToggle x 2 = ConfigurableProject, ConfigurableSale) * License: Development Tools For users to be able to access the screen designer feature in admin, the customer must have the Development Tools license.   How to enable the feature? You need to add 2 FeatureToggle s:'ConfigurableProject' and 'ConfigurableSale'

  • I understand that in the long term this would not be the preferred solution, you want a replacement for the current way to create custom screens. But it would be a great 'stop gap' to be able to get as many customers (especially more advanced once's) to use the new request management screens in CRM while still being able to use the custom screens that have been build around there ticket processing process.

  • Note that a 'duration' field has been added to the relavant archives (10.2.1 version for OnSite). Thank you anonymous person from R&D for reading along ;)  

  • We, Amesto Solutions, have a prgram we call Phone Integration. I am not certain but I think that it will be able to connect via what we call generic protocol, to your Cloudya-Desktop app and react to incoming call, and show the name as well as a few buttons to create appointments and show company/person data etc., as well as making outgoing call straight fom SuperOffice by pressing numbers. And we are talking about SuperOffice web. Please contact Søren Lyster 

  • Examples on how to recreate Service-items, configurations and customizations in SuperOffice CRM   Service Dashboard reports needs to be  re-created  Dashboard: Service Dashboard: Old way   Via CRM Dashboard ​         Selections in Service needs to be re-created Via Service (old way):  ​ Alternative 1: via 'Find Request' Alternative 2: via 'Selection'​   Customizations needs to tested/adapted/re-made​ ​Web Panel Service: Old way​        CRM Admin: New way ​       ​Task items Service: Old way         CRM Admin: New way ​ ​       ​ ​Triggers   Service: Old way ​ ​   CRM Admin: New way​       Custom Screens Custom Screens needs verification of what kind of screen it is – to be able to determine if it is possible to re-use​ We do not support using different screens for handling requests outside what 'Configurable Screens' offer​ You are NOT able to create the entire ticket view from scratch. ​ You are however able to configure what fields you think is important to your user group ​ With DevTools you can:​ use Scripting to add business logic on Triggers or ​ add buttons that executes workflows and so on   Configurable Screens – Preview of Request: Layout only per 'User Group'        

  • Hi,  How can I call a crmscript (it give me JSON back) without login. We are on the cloud superoffice. I have a script, wenn a call with blogic.fcgi in a private browser, the loginmask are showing. Wenn i call with customer.fcgi i did nothing. Could you help me ? Thanks

  • How to migrate from SuperOffice Service to SuperOffice Request Management? This article will walk you through how to migrate from using SuperOffice Service to SuperOffice Request Management Potential breaking changes  for some existing SuperOffice Service customers!​ You need to assess if your tenant is suited for migration before signing up! - Service Dashboard reports needs to be re-created *​ - Service Selections in Service needs to be re-created *​ - Customizations in Service (from the simple to the  complex) needs to tested/adapted/re-made **​ - Custom entities w/ Service Selection – no current solution, need to wait​ * Can be done up front, before 'Request Management' is enabled​ ** Support for using different screens for handling requests in 'Configurable Screens' is only available after 'Request Management' is enabled​ Evaluate if you qualify​ Go through: Requirements Check-list for 'Ready to be a pilot?' Effect of enabling the pilot feature in what-is-request-management Preparations before pilot sign-up​ Prepare need steps that: need to be configured recreated in SuperOffice CRM See examples in this article . There might be some changes you cannot prepare until after activation of 'Request Management' is in place. Ie. Configurable Screens / 'Screen Designer' for 'Preview of Request' screens. Are all Service-users able to work  during the manual-migration- process-steps? Do you have a plan for it? Are the users informed? A Sandbox environment (clone/copy of your production env.) could be a great tool to use for evaluate and prepare for such a change. You may sign up to the Pilot Program for your Sandbox only. Sign-up​ as Pilot Join the Pilot Program for Request Management - include custid / unique tenant-name in sign-up-form if needed. Prepare after pilot sign-up​ Is there a need to use 'Screen Designer' for changing 'Preview of Request' screens? ​Custom Screens needs verification of what kind of screen it is – to be able to determine if it is possible to re-use​ We do not support using different screens for handling requests outside what 'Configurable Screens' offer​ You are NOT able to create the entire ticket view from scratch. ​ You are however able to configure what fields you think is important to your user group ​ With DevTools you can:​ use Scripting to add business logic on Triggers or ​ add buttons that executes workflows and so on​ Screen Designer / Configurable Screens: Requires license: Development Tools Onboarding users and processes​ Are any of the work-flow and processes affected – and needs manual changes? Use Plase give your feedback to our Pilot Program​: How did the migration go?​ Which obstacles did you face? How did you solve it? How do you find the new Request Management feature to use?​ During the Pilot Program, you may go back to how you had it, if you like to. Send an emil to (note: some changes made during pilot may not be supported in the old Service-client) How can you give feedback? We have several ways for you to give us feedback during the pilot testing: Pilot Forum  – this is the main communication channel to use. It is where we will inform everyone involved in relevant issues and is a place for you to post questions or provide feedback. You may receive answers from other customers, partners as well as our RnD resources. The pilot forum is only available to you when you have joined our pilot program. Feedback form  – there is a Feedback form which is available to everyone all the time  here . It can be an easy option to send us a message about anything you have tested. We want to know if you are particularly happy with something as well as hear about any issues you may encounter. Send us an email  – we have a dedicated mail address: you can use to send in your questions or comments. This may be helpful when you want to discuss issues particularly relevant to your installation and you don’t want to post on a forum  


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