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Byggefakta Smart for SuperOffice

Tune in for a quick 5-minute intro to the Byggefakta Smart App! πŸš€ Byggefakta Smart simplifies construction projects with user-friendly tools. 🀩 Don't miss out! Watch this video to get started with Byggefakta Smart today and take your project management skills to a new level! πŸ’» Go to the SuperOffice App Store to find out more πŸ‘‰ ____________________


Panels for SuperOffice

Tune in for a quick 5-minute intro to the Panels App! πŸš€ Panels creates filtered archives for your essential information. With specialized search options and unique features like birthday and sales history archives, streamline your CRM experience today! πŸ’Ό Join us for this quick video on the app Panels and get the app today! πŸ’» Go to the SuperOffice App Store to find out more πŸ‘‰ ____________________


App Roundup: MailVideo, Lasso and Risika - Risk&Credit

In this App Roundup, we’d like to introduce: MailVideo, an app that transforms sales with video messaging; Lasso, an automation powerhouse for Danish business opportunities; and Risika, Risk & Credit, an app for finances and credit risks.


Webcast: Driving growth through sales and service alignment

In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service isn't just a support function, it's a game-changer for sales professionals. In this webinar, we dive into the importance of a smooth customer journey for both sales and customer service teams. We advise on how to make the most out of the opportunities that arise along the customer journey. Watch the recording to learn: - The importance of customer service and the customer journey - Challenges that arise when sales and customer service are not aligned - How to turn customer service into a sales advantage - Tips on how to align sales and customer service Learn more about SuperOffice Service: ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


Activity Folders for SuperOffice

Tune in for a quick 5-minute intro to the Activity Folders App! πŸš€ Activity Folders is your go-to tool for decluttering your life and boosting productivity. 🀩 Join us for this quick video on the app Activity Folders and start organizing your life today! πŸ’» Go to the SuperOffice App Store to find out more πŸ‘‰


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  • DI

    Core CRM features

    Let's talk about contact management, privacy features, diary, document management, find and selection features, email and office integration tools that support personal productivity.

    11/15/2023 mode_comment 134
  • Jianchun You Service management

    Let's talk about request / ticket management, automation and knowledge base management in SuperOffice Service.

    11/29/2023 mode_comment 118
  • Gerard van de Castel Settings and maintenance

    Let's talk about preferences, lists, labels, SAINT, data import and other CRM administration topics.

    11/16/2023 mode_comment 88
  • Tony Yates Sales management

    Let's talk about sales and opportunity management, sales forecasting, sales guide, sales targets and KPIs, quote management and sales documents.

    11/21/2023 mode_comment 46
  • Susan Laugaard Hansen Marketing management

    Let's talk about customer segmentation (selections), communication campaigns (mailings), tracking marketing results.

    11/22/2023 mode_comment 37
  • Martin Andersen Users and user right management

    Let's talk about user setup, data access and functional rights management.​

    10/03/2023 mode_comment 34
  • MT

    Mobile CRM

    Let's talk about using SuperOffice CRM on mobile devices.

    11/13/2023 mode_comment 27
  • Samuel Holmström Welcome to Forums! Let´s get acquainted

    Welcome to forums, let’s get to know each other. Please introduce yourself and meet other forum participants.

    09/18/2023 mode_comment 15
  • Donatas Sasnauskas Set yourself for success

    Learn how to create a Help Center user, post a great question, share a solution to a problem, and find an answer to your question.

    12/05/2023 mode_comment 13
  • Frode Berntsen 🔒 CLOSED! - New Notifications

    SuperOffice Notifications remade: New Notifications for appointment-invitation and new notifications for request & messages

    09/12/2023 mode_comment 3
  • Frode Berntsen Request types

    Enhance your customer service experience with Request Types. This tool offers the adaptability and control modern customer service requires, enhancing individual workflows, and offering a more tailored user experience.

    11/08/2023 mode_comment 1
  • Frode Berntsen AI Labs

    AI Labs

    12/01/2023 mode_comment 0