Application Programming Interface forums

Area for questions and answers about SuperOffice API's.

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Client libraries and tools

Discuss NetServer libraries, packages, and tooling related to core APIs, Continuous Database (CDD), Plugin-in, Entities, Rows, OSQL, Archive and MDO providers, etc.

How to call WebhookAPI
By: David Hollegien
17 Mar 2022

Online development and web service API's

For all things related to SuperOffice web services, including SOAP and REST API's.

Issue with 10.1.2. OnSite release - Null error when retrieving system info
By: David Hollegien
4 h, 37 m ago

Service and CRMScript Discussion

For all questions pertaining to CRMScript, including classes, functions, triggers and screens.

Using setnavigateto in nseventdata
By: mto
18 May 2022