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Pilot Program Forum

Pilot Forum – this is the main communication channel to use. It is where we will inform everyone involved in relevant issues and is a place for you to post questions or provide feedback. You may receive answers from other customers, partners as well as our RnD resources. Help us create the best CRM solution for your company.

What is a pilot program?

We are looking for customers who want to be part of our pilot program to test new SuperOffice CRM features and products.

Our pilot programs give you access to new features and releases before the general release. By testing new features in your customer database, we get valuable experience of how these new features perform in real-life situations, environments, and processes.

By joining the pilot program, you will get early access to the latest versions and features of SuperOffice CRM. You can help identify issues, suggest improvements, and give us your thoughts on the overall user experience.

Why join a pilot program?

We value your feedback a lot, as it helps us make your CRM solution even better.

But why should you sign up for a pilot program?

  • Impact development: Your feedback on new features will impact the way we create new features and will put your mark on the end result.
  • Get a head start: You’ll discover new features and upcoming versions before anyone else and experience the benefits, which will give you a head start.
  • Safe roll-out: You will get help setting up and implementing the new feature(s) to ensure a safe roll-out in your company.
  • Free guidance: You get advice and help in utilizing the new features and receive free guidance during the pilot.
  • Reinforce CRM use: You can involve your organization even more in improving your processes and spark new love into your CRM solution.
  • Improved SuperOffice CRM: You can share your own feedback, and you’ll benefit from the improvements we make based on the feedback from ALL pilot customers.

Ultimately, it's all about creating the best CRM tools that help you manage and maintain your customer relationships.

Are you interested? Sign up to the pilot program here.

How does the pilot program work?

There will always be a number of different pilot programs you can sign up to. Each pilot program will have its own length and scope depending upon what feature needs testing.

  1. Sign up for any of the running pilot programs by filling in the sign up form.
  2. When you’ve signed up, we will contact you to discuss how we will implement the pilot program you’ve signed up for and how you can get started.
  3. Once you get access to the new feature, it’s important to share your experience and feedback with us by filling in the pilot feature feedback form.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you decide if this is for you:

  • Can anyone become a pilot customer?
    • In principle yes, as long as you are a customer of SuperOffice, using the cloud version of SuperOffice CRM.

      There are no requirements for the number of users or type of business you are in. Sometimes we are especially interested in a specific type of customer, whether it is because you have many integrations we want to check or when we want to run SuperOffice CRM in a specific environment. But in general, anyone who is interested in participating is welcome!

      The decision to participate should be taken by your IT department and/or the management of your company, not just individual users. Since the pilot version of a new feature will be tested in your production environment, it will affect all users.

  • How long does the program last?
    • Pilot programs typically run for a 3-to-6-week period. In some projects, we will need a longer and more extensive period to properly test new features.

  • What can I expect from pilot features?
    • All the features in the pilot program have undergone internal testing before you start using them. But it is possible that you’ll discover and experience a few major and some minor bugs that break certain parts of the product. But it’s very rare that you’ll find critical bugs that require immediate attention.

  • What do I commit to during the pilot program?
    • When you sign up for our pilot program, you will be asked to sign an agreement. In short, we agree that we will:

      • Assist you in solving problems related to the pilot testing.
      • Fix any bugs and problems that are found during the pilot program.
      • Review suggestions for improvements and/or changes to the pilot. feature

      And you agree to:

      • Use the product for a minimum amount of time each week the way you will use it in real-life and/or using the sample scenarios.
      • Ensure that at least two people are involved in testing and using the feature.
      • Provide weekly feedback during the pilot period via the feedback form and our pilot program forum.
      • Give an endorsement about the feature that we can use publicly.
  • Are there any costs involved?
    • There are no subscription or license costs involved when testing new features as part of the pilot program. In general, there are no additional costs involved when the feature is released, but there may be exceptions.

      Typically, there are no costs involved for the consultancy services which are provided to help you get the pilot feature up and running either. Again, there may be some exceptions or limits to what is included.

      This is always explained and outlined to you by our product specialist before we implement the pilot program.

  • How can I share my feedback?
    • The best and preferred way to send us your feedback is by using the Feedback form.

      You can share your feedback with us in three ways:

      1. Feedback form – You can send us your feedback by filling in the Feedback form here. Using the standard fields of this form, you can let us know if you are particularly happy with the feature you are testing and you can explain any issues you may encounter.
      2. Pilot forumThe pilot program forum is a place where we will inform everyone involved in the pilot program about relevant issues. It's also a place where you can post questions or provide feedback. You may receive answers from other customers and partners, as well as our R&D specialists.
        The pilot forum is only available to you when you have joined our pilot program.
      3. Send us an email – you can also send an email to pilot@superoffice.com to share your questions and comments. This may be helpful when you want to discuss issues particularly relevant to your installation, process or app integration.

      Sometimes we also send out a survey at the end of a pilot program to hear your thoughts, and/or arrange a one-on-one follow-up meeting with your local product specialist.

  • Do I always have to test in your production environment?
    • It’s not a requirement for you to test new features in our production environment. Pilot programs for CRM Online customers typically involve upgrading their current version, so that they can test the new features directly.

      Other customers will run a test version without upgrading their database. This is recommended if your company has many integrations between SuperOffice CRM and other business systems.

      The most important thing is that the new features are tested in different settings and have real end-users trying them out the way they would normally use them.

The SuperOffice pilot programs are free of charge and covered under the current Terms of Service for your SuperOffice CRM Online installation.

By signing up for the pilot program you have by default accepted the Beta Agreement Terms.

Ready to sign up?

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is to fill in the sign-up form. When you’ve signed up, we will contact you to discuss how we will implement the pilot program you signed up for and how you can get started.

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