Premium support – reduce the risk of downtime with guaranteed response times

When you rely heavily on SuperOffice CRM, you want the reassurance that when a problem arises, help is on the way as soon as possible. Especially after regular office hours and during the weekends, right? That’s why we offer Premium Support. 

It’s 19:45 on a Saturday night, and you are still working on a new proposal. 

To win this deal, the proposal must be emailed to your customer before Monday morning at 8 o’clock.  

But then ... the unimaginable happens. You press Save, but your proposal won’t save. You press Save again, but still nothing happens.   

A feeling of panic takes over. You put so much time and effort into making this proposal and now it won’t save. 

Time to hit the alarm button!  

You register a request on the customer support portal. Within no time, you get an email back that says customer support will help you solve the problem, and no information will be lost! 

To make sure you don’t have to feel that stress and panic, we offer Premium support

What is premium support?

Premium support is an extension of the customer support that is currently included in your subscription to SuperOffice CRM Online. Your current subscription includes web support from our online support center. After registering your request, you’ll get the support you need through the exchange of emails.

When you subscribe to Premium support you can expect:

1. Guaranteed response times

The request you send as a premium support customer will automatically end up in our priority queue.

We will guarantee you get a response within a specific amount of time depending on the severity of your request. The response times in our Service Level Agreement (SLA) are:

  • 1 hour for critical high priority requests
  • 4 hours for medium priority requests
  • 12 hours for normal requests

Here are the two quickest ways to reach out to support:

  1. Go to the Help menu inside your SuperOffice CRM solution and click Contact support to register your request there, or
  2. Go to the Help Center & Community to register your request

2. Extended opening hours

Our support agents will be there for you during office hours, in the evening and even during the weekends. In total, this will add up to 50 hours of additional support time.

As a premium support customer, you will get help from our most experienced support agents, who will communicate with you in English.

Our opening hours for premium support customers are:

  • 07.00 - 21.00 CET on weekdays
  • 10.00 - 20.00 CET on weekend

3. A personal follow-up when a critical issue occurs

Whenever a critical request is registered, our customer support will follow up with you personally by phone when delivering a solution. Our support agents will do their best to find and analyze the root cause of the problem and find the best solution for you as a customer.

4. Quarterly reports on response times

Each quarter you will receive a full report on how we performed according to the response times we guarantee in our SLA.

You'll be able to see our:

  • Average response time
  • Customer response time

Why stress over the question “what if something happens?”

When you subscribe to premium support, your company gets the customer support you need both during and outside of the regular office hours.

You can rest assured that our support agents will contact you within a guaranteed amount of time when you have a problem.

If you want to upgrade your support subscription to Premium Support or you are interested in learning more, simply fill out our contact form and your account manager will contact you shortly.


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