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Experienced experts in SuperOffice CRM - those primarily responsible for the setup, configuration, maintenance of SuperOffice in an organization, as well as those responsible for the implementation of applications or integrations, or provide consultancy services as to how an integration should be implemented using current industry standards.


Technical blog posts

Developer Portal – 1.22 Release

Hello, SuperOffice Developers!   We are ready to announce the 1.2 2 release for the Developer Portal !    In this version, we have i mproved the way we display the SuperOffice App Store category pages. SuperOffice App S tore managers now have the ability to update the App Store category section as they did in the App Store spotlight section. This will enhance the way the App Store content is displayed .    Also we have updated the landing page with couple of testimonials we received from our partners regarding their experience using the SuperOffice Developer Portal. We intend to add more testimonials as we receive them .   If you would like to provide us a testimonial, reach out to Tony Yates ( ) or Tisha Bernadina (  As usual , a few bug fixes and security enhancements are ready to improve your experience.   Thank you for using the SuperOffice Developer Portal!  

Chamal Asela Perera
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Developer Portal – 1.21 Release

Hello, SuperOffice Developers!   We are excited to announce the 1.21 release for the Developer Portal !    In this version, we have introduced a new landing page for the Developer portal. This landing page outlines the actions prospects can take within the Developer portal. Additionally, it includes a SuperOffice form, enabling prospects to sign up for the Developer portal.    We plan to add more content to the landing page in upcoming releases. The registration of all new developer portal partners is performed manually based on below form submission. We will give login rights for all of the developers you have registered on the form. This is where you log in and pick up the client ID and client secret by registering your app. We will also create a new sandbox tenant for you in our development environment ( that you may use to access the APIs using the apps credentials.  This process may take up to one business day, and you will receive two emails. One email confirming the creation of the developer portal partner, and one from SuperId SOD with the subject “ Please activate your SuperOffice CRM account ” Thank you for using SuperOffice Developer portal!

Chamal Asela Perera
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Amesto’s fantastic duo of apps 🙌

Visualize Your SuperOffice CRM Data with Amesto Insights Amesto PowerBI seamlessly integrating SuperOffice CRM data into Microsoft Power BI. This powerful tool allows you to visualize and process your CRM data within Power BI, offering a model for creating reports and a set of six standard reports. These reports, from "Startpage" overview to specialized reports like "GDPR," offer insights into sales activities, contacts, tickets, and customer engagement. Furthermore, the flexibility to customize these reports or create new, tailored ones ensures adaptability to specific business needs. Phone Integration: Effortless Communication Amesto Phone Integration bridges your telephone system with SuperOffice CRM, simplifying and optimizing your daily routines. When a call comes in, this app instantly leads you to the relevant contact card, enabling quick access to vital information. You can initiate CRM activities, support cases, or calls directly from SuperOffice CRM,  removing errors and enhancing efficiency. By seamlessly connecting communication with CRM data, Phone Integration ensures a smoother workflow and better customer interactions. Amesto Insight and Phone Integration offers data visualization and communication, reducing silos and enhancing operational efficiency. With Insight, you gain reporting capabilities, while Phone Integration streamlines communication workflows, ultimately saving time and minimizing errors. Both tools work hand-in-hand to empower businesses with a clearer view of their CRM data and smoother communication processes. In conclusion, if you're seeking to unlock the full potential of your SuperOffice CRM, Amesto Insight and Phone Integration are invaluable assets. These tools aren't just about features—they're about simplifying your work life, increasing productivity, and ultimately enhancing your business's effectiveness. Go to the SuperOffice App Store and check these apps out.

Tisha Bernadina
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SuperOffice 11 and 12 Overview for Partners 

Technical Upgrades Overview for Partners We are pleased to unveil the upcoming technological evolutions in SuperOffice versions 11 and 12. Our goal is to ensure that our partners are well-informed and prepared to  use these advancements, enhancing both the development experience and the end-user solutions you create. Technical Enhancements in Version 11 Async/Await Integration: We're fully integrating async/await paradigms across NetServer , enhancing responsiveness and efficiency. This shift helps non-blocking I/O operations, significantly improving the scalability and performance of integrations and custom solutions. Dependency Injection Adoption: With the implementation of Dependency Injection (DI), we're promoting loose coupling and improved testability within our architecture. This allows for more maintainable code and eases the integration of unit testing, easing a more robust development process for your custom solutions.   Removal of Legacy C++ Code: Transitioning away from C++ to a more modern, unified .NET approach simplifies our stack and reduces complexity. This means a cleaner, more consistent development environment and the elimination of outdated dependencies.   Implications for Version 11 Development   Prepare for a significant shift in how you interact with SuperOffice back-end systems, particularly through the enhanced async programming model, needing updates to existing integrations or custom solutions. Plan for adaptations in your development practices to accommodate DI, leading to better separation of concerns and more testable code.   Adjust to the removal of C++ components, understanding that all SuperOffice functionalities will now be accessible through a harmonized .NET-based approach.   End of life components:   Reporter and Reporter Studio   SoAdmin.exe   Travel Gateway   ServerSetup and DbSetup     Advancements in Version 12 .NET 8 and ASP.NET Core Transition: By moving to .NET 8 and ASP.NET Core, we're not only embracing the latest in performance, security, and development features but also ensuring cross-platform compatibility, from Windows to Linux and containerized environments.   From WCF to RESTful APIs (Application Programming Interface) : Aligning with modern web standards, we're transitioning from Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to comprehensive RESTful APIs, streamlining data interchange and integration with third-party services. However, ERPSync and Quote connectors will remain as WCF (SOAP) APIs. Database Mirroring will al so remain as a WCF-based (SOAP) API.   Authentication and Authorization Modernization: Updating our authentication frameworks to align with current best practices using ClaimsPrincipal , providing more secure and flexible authentication mechanisms that can easily integrate with your existing systems.   What Version 12 Means for Partner Developers Transition any existing onsite solutions, including all plug-ins, away from NetServer packages to SuperOffice.WebApi . NetServer packages will be deprecated in version 12, and all new development must be based solely on REST API's.   Transition any existing WCF-based integrations to RESTful APIs, ensuring your solutions stay compatible and take advantage of more standardized, modern communication protocols.   Update your security practices in line with the new authentication mechanisms, ensuring that your applications stay secure and integrate seamlessly with SuperOffice's updated security model.   No API (Application Programming Interface) plugin support, including sentry, document, archive and MDO providers, etc.   Will this affect me? As long as your integrations uses the REST APIs ( or   SuperOffice.WebApi nuget package), your integration should not be affected.  Database mirroring applications are unaffected by the upcoming changes. We are hosting a webinar that focuses on the breaking changes pertaining to the SOAP proxy client and onsite libraries, SuperOffice.NetServer.Services and SuperOffice.NetServer.Core respectively, as well as other onsite technologies. Collaborating for Success We are committed to supporting our developer community through these transitions. In addition to detailed documentation, migration guides, and support to ensure a smooth adaptation process,  we look forward to the webinar  where you can hear in-detail what our plans are, and get all of your answer questions. Sign up for the webinar today!

Tony Yates
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End of life - Microsoft 365 Document Integration (Sharepoint v1.0)

This is a formal announcement of End of Life for our Microsoft 365 Document Integration ( Sharepoint v1.0). This is a feature that only has been available for Online customers through our Appstore . You can already now migrate to our new application SharePoint Documents 3.0 that is the new and improved version for handling document integration to SharePoint . We will end our support effectively from 2024-09-01 .   After this date you are not able to create new documents from SuperOffice until you have migrated to the new version . What is Microsoft 365 Document Integration ( Sharepoint v1.0)?   It is an application that have provided customers with two features. First it has enabled customers to login with their own IDP , Office 365, for au thentication with the user’s email address. Secondly it has offered CRM Online customers the possibility to use Office365 SharePoint for document management in SuperOffice. U sers have been able to create and edit documents from any computer without a local Office package installed .      What does this mean for you as a customer?   You have to migrate to our new features for logging in with your IDP and integrating the document storage with SharePoint.     Super ID will let you use your own IDP for logging into SuperOffice .     SharePoint Documents will let you store your documents in SharePoint. This is our new and improved app that will make you more efficient. If you would like to migrate your documents to the new solution, we have a guide that will help you with that. Migration guide     We recommend that you reach out to your SuperOffice consultant to discuss how you should migrate in the best way based on your situation and configuration . If you are unsure a bout who to contact, you can always get in touch with our Support team through to get guidance and contact details to the local consultant team.     Reasons for announcing End of Life are as follows:   The app is built on technology that is deprecated by Microsoft.   We would like to emphasize that we have created a new and better integration to SharePoint that you can migrate to , without any licence cost, and enjoy a better user-experience.   The old app also has some design aspects that aren’t perfect for a lot of customers.   In the old app t he SuperOffice Archive and the SuperOffice Template folders need to be located on the Root of the SharePoint site, and not as a sub-site or a virtual site, which means all Microsoft 365 users need minimum read access to Root of the SharePoint site.   The old app requires extended access rights to run custom scripts, this is usually not according to today’s best practices for IT security.  

Mikael Månsson
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