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  • FR

    Hi Gerard, thanks you for your answer

    Fabrice Reithinger 01/20/2022
  • Frode Berntsen

    A new version of the Pilot Feature " SuperOffice SharePoint Documents" will be available in a few weeks time. This verison will allow you to u se AAD groups to control access to  SuperOffice documents. Stay tuned.

    Frode Berntsen 01/19/2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    It is commonly said that everything in IT is possible - the only limits are creativity, budget and time :) The first point is not possible with the standard feature set in Service. Then second and third are possible, but from your message, I understand that they all have to be done through Service.  I guess that with CRMscripting and, creative approach to tasks it is possible to fulfil many requirements. In this situation, the best shot is getting a consultation with a SuperOffice technical consultant. To discuss details and how much it would take to create a custom solution as the client wish.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01/17/2022
  • Christian Mogensen

    I think the wish is for a sum(duration) of all the appointments in a project, where duration = end-date-time - start-date-time   i.e. a meeting from 3.jan 9:00 to 3.jan 11:00 has a duration of 2 hrs.  

    Christian Mogensen 01/12/2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    It is a situation that some of the customers encounter once in a while. You described the situation accurately. Once you change the ejtag, reply messages to existing open (or closed) tickets will create a new ticket (request). As far as I know, there is no "magic" trick to avoid it. The best practice could be to make a change on a low activity period when there are fewer open requests . Consultants that work with these requests will have to merge replies to these few open requests manually. Batch management tools in Service allow you to do it swiftly. I hope this answered your question. If it does, please don't forget to select this reply as an answer.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01/11/2022
  • Bergfrid Skaara Dias

    You can create a custom screen based on a copy of the company card and then add elements . Each tab comes from a Pane element and the contents from a Data table element . Then it is up to you to populate it by specifying fields and criteria and probably a creation script . I hope this helps and gives you some ideas.

    Bergfrid Skaara Dias 01/11/2022
  • Lina Paulauskaitė

    I agree that SuperOffice Forms should be more customizable, but also I'm backing up Tony's reply.  We have wishes registered to improve Forms.  In my opinion, we (as a customer community) need to bring more business cases and value to be gained . Then these wishes will have more arguments and it will be easier for the decision-makers to justify.

    Lina Paulauskaitė 01/11/2022
  • IK

    Hi, Is their anyone here that has some experience with the Google Workspace integration in Online? My question is about the document archive. When we store a new SuperOffice template in Google Workspace (Store template in Google), is it saved in Word/Excel format and just opened in Google or is it created in Google Doc/Sheet format? If we keep our old Word/Excel templates and just change the "Store in" to Google, then the new documents created based on this template will be created in Google. But in which format is the new document created, Word/Excel or Google Doc/Sheet? In the documentation found in community, it says that it's only the quote details template varables that is not working in Google. But are all the other variables in a SuperOffice template stored in Google exactly like the variables used in Office? (The same variable names and brackets if we use a Google saved template) In SuperOffice help file it's only mentioned Word templates and not anything about Google Docs.  

    Ingar Karlsen 01/11/2022

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