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  • Hi Ole. Thank you for your question. If you already have a Sandbox / Test env . - then the best way is to use this env.'s name when signing up in the "company - name" field in the sign-up form : - if your're unsure the company name is unique (don't differ from the prod env.'s name) - add "CustIDXXXX" with your test env.custid in the "company - name" field. If you don't have a Sandbox / Test env.  - you may buy your own CRM Online sandbox (test) tenant in production based on a copy of your production data: How do I get one? To buy your own CRM Online production sandbox, please contact your local sales representative or fill in  this form . 

  • The moving of Knowledgebase is not working in CRM. The Statistics should also be moved to CRM.

  • Thanks - the developers will look into the wish, - it looks like there is a need for a templatevariable to overcome this. When it comes to the naming, they say they will stick to using the name that is on the entity, and that is EjMessageId :)


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