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SuperCharge Webinar: Back to basics in sales and marketing

When times get tough, it's more important than ever to go back to basics. Listen in as SuperOffice CMO Fredrik Selander GetAccept Co-Founder & CRO Carl Carell have an open discussion about getting more with less in sales and marketing. ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


Meet our #SuperWomen: Ester, Product Owner at SuperOffice

Meet our #SuperWomen! ๐Ÿฆธโ€โ™€๏ธ Last week was International Women's Day. This month is Women's History Month. Supporting, empowering, and showcasing talent is something we should do every day. That's why throughout March we're putting an extra spotlight on some of the incredible women here at SuperOffice. First up: Get to know Ester Kate Jansson. ๐Ÿคฉ Want to join us? Check out our open positions: #SuperOffice #embraceequity #Superland ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


Webcast: Tailor SuperOffice to drive CRM success

In this webcast, you'll learn about the flexible customization capabilities of SuperOffice CRM and how it can help you support your business growth in terms of increased productivity. You'll master the benefits of low-code and no-code technology and explore how you can use it to get the most out of your CRM solution. You will learn about: - Proven strategies for CRM success - Low-code/no-code features in SuperOffice CRM - Examples of how companies have customized their CRM solutions - Making SuperOffice your own: How to get started - Tips and practical advice from our CRM expert Read more about how to drive CRM success with customizations in this article: ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


Dos and don'ts to empower #SuperWomen

๐‘ซ๐’๐’” ๐’‚๐’๐’… ๐’…๐’๐’'๐’•๐’” ๐’•๐’ ๐’†๐’Ž๐’‘๐’๐’˜๐’†๐’“ #๐‘บ๐’–๐’‘๐’†๐’“๐‘พ๐’๐’Ž๐’†๐’ Fighting for diversity and inclusion is a job for everyone, every day - not just women, not just March 8th. We can all do something. No matter how you identify, empower yourself, and others, with these tips from SuperOfficers. ๐Ÿš€ Tag the #SuperWomen who inspire you and share your own advice below! #womenshistorymonth #womensday #womenhistorymonth #diversityandinclusion ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


SuperOffice Bootcamp 2023

Lead. Focus. Grow! The SuperOffice go-to-market teams spent 2 jam-packed days in Germany connecting and learning together. ____________________ SuperOffice is a modern CRM solution that helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships and turn them into revenue. Get started at!


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  • Thank you Tony

    21 h, 56 m ago | 09:32 AM
  • If the email is forwarded, all links to the subscription page are always openend using the orginel recipient's identity. Which is not desirable. A solution would be to create a SuperOffice form without pre-filling any of the fields and let them subscribe to the mailings (contact - subscription field).

    21 Mar 2023 | 08:59 AM
  • We have released "SharePoint Documents 2.9" Highlights for 'SharePoint Documents Migration' pilot feature: Better handling of CRM Tenant being offline for instance due to maintenance ++ Various bug fixes and improvements

    20 Mar 2023 | 09:40 AM
  • Hi SRM Team 1) Under "Edit personal signature" I can edit both Email signature and Request signature, but as an admin, under "Edit system signature", I can only create a default signature for emails. Why can't I also create one for Request? Would make sense, I think: ->   2) In the old Service you could show the full name of the owner in a list, but in SRM only the initals are shown. Is it me who cannot figure out how to do it, or will it be possible soon? Service: SRM:    3) Is it possible NOT to show the exact time, so only the date is shown?   4) Categories are shown with the full path in SRM. Can that be changed, because the path becomes VERY long sometimes, and if the field is not made very wide, users don't see the important part, which often is the last category name and not a full path. So in this example, I would prefer only to see what is after the '/', and not the upper level 'DK Indsigelser': 5) If I add more persons to a request the request will be shown in the tab "Requests' under Company/Person - which is good - BUT on the request itself I cannot see these added persons, unless I edit it. Can that be changed, because it is very relevant info, and we certainly cannot expect a user to press 'Edit' on every single request they work with just to find out if more persons are added or not: Adding more persons and saving: But that important info is invisible after saving, and only the first added person is shown: 6) I miss an automatic "Update request" or a button that does it for me. It's really nice, that several request can be open at the same time, but what's the point if they are not updated unless I reload the entire webpage or close the request and re-open it? Why not create a button like we know from Selections or even better: Auto-update open requests every 1 minute   Hep hep...keep up the good work and have a nice weekend :) Sรธren

    17 Mar 2023 | 10:04 AM
  • Dear Superoffice-Team Did you get stuck with the setup of SuperOffice CRM? Yes, yes I did. I want to connect the Cloudya desktopapp to the Superoffice Webapp. This is the Documentation of NFON on how to do it: Basically in the CRM Options of Cloudya you have a dropdown for preconfigured apps and a button for other apps which asks for a code to be entered. I have confirmed with the NFON-Support that this code can be provided by you.  Can you help me with setting this up? kind regards Daniel Tilge CONFORM IT-Systemhaus

    17 Mar 2023 | 09:38 AM
  • How to activate the system user / Apps for SuperOffice (SuperOffice Documents library app) You can't turn this on the first time you configure SharePoint documents. It must be fully configured first. Complete the configuration and start the wizard (Settings), navigate to step 3, and turn it on. Documents owned by users that does not exist in SharePoint, will get a new owner - SharePoint App (you can choose not to move such documents)โ€‹. These documents will also be in the folder "Other" if you have chosen Folder structure โ€“ user group. In order to moved these documents, we need a Global Administrator to authorize 'SuperOffice Documents library app'. This app has already been approved if customers are using Visible for (Groups and ..)โ€‹ Open "SuperOffice Admin" Go to "Preferences" Open tab "Document Library" Click "Settings" Go to "Step 3 - Groups and access" Click "Enable system user for storing documents in SharePoint" This is a one-time authorization and will only include the site you have selected for your SuperOffice documents. If you are a Microsoft 365 Global Administrator, you can authorize now โ€“ if not, you must copy the URL and send it to someone with that role of Microsoft 365 Global administrator in your organization.โ€‹ That user also needs to be in the owner group of the site (needs owner permission to the site in order to set Read Write permission)โ€‹. Complete the wizard to save. Appendix: SuperOffice Document library (app) โ€‹ โ€‹Scopes and explanations why our integration need itโ€‹ โ€‹Delegated (on behalf of the global administrator user) โ€‹ Used once for adding the app. Those permissions will not be persisted / saved.. โ€‹ User.Read - Sign in and read user profileโ€‹ To sign in global administrator user. โ€‹ Sites.FullControl.All - Have full control of all site collections โ€‹ To add the SuperOffice Document library app in SharePoint. โ€‹ Application (on behalf of SharePoint App)โ€‹ Matching CRM Visible forโ€‹ Sites.Selected - Access selected site collections โ€‹ To read permissions on documentsโ€‹ Files.ReadWrite.All - Read and write files in all site collectionsโ€‹ Delete and set permissions on documentsโ€‹ Create documents on behalf of non existing SharePoint user (system user)โ€‹โ€‹

    17 Mar 2023 | 08:21 AM
  • Hi, Eirik.   Iยดm not sure if this will be the exact answer to your question. But this is how we solved it at support.   We took a bit different approach to this at support.  So instead of building a deep hierarchy only with only categories we build two different hierarchies.   We used the standard category function for keeping all team-related things apart.  The Swedish team has its own 2 categories and the Norwegian team has its own and so on.   But we had several things that were not related to  who  had to do the request but rather  what  the request was about, and this structure was is the same for all the teams or at least for all support teams.     What we did was build a hierarchy structure in a separate table and used it for putting requests in the right area, you can call it some kind of categorization.    So the standard categories are used for the team structure and  where in the organization  the requests are and  who  should handle it.    And the custom table (Support product area) is  where in the product  structure the question was about.    I used this forum post as the foundation for building the structure.     I have one table where I add the items. And then I have a table relation pointing back to the same table. And then relation to this from the ticket table. As you can see the item โ€œTargetโ€ has a relation to โ€œDashboards & Targetโ€ and that one has a relation to โ€œ Navigator 100โ€   Some limitations exist and are good to know about. There is no โ€œsoft deleteโ€ meaning that if you delete a value in the list then the information is gone from all requests with this value. And you canยดt do big restructuring after you have started to use the system since it can be problems with the hierarchy levels after you moved them around.

    17 Mar 2023 | 07:35 AM
  • I tried that but the sent reply does not end up in the ticket wich makes it a bit confusing for the support crew. I would also want to add a CC on the ticket to the sales crew but found no way to achieve that either. Any ideas?

    17 Mar 2023 | 07:21 AM
  • I have created a macro that creates a new follow-up next week when a specific follow-up activity is completed. Nice. In our Social selling approach, I want to create follow-ups automatically next week, but only three weeks in a row. Every time the follow-up is completed, another one is built in 7 days. But after three weeks, we want to stop making follow-ups for this customer. So my question is: In the pop-up that shows that we create a new follow-up, can I add a yes or no so that the user can decide not to make the new one? Here is the setup I created.     I hope this was clear and looking forward to some suggestions here.

    16 Mar 2023 | 04:08 PM
  • Dear team  an Onsite Customer (Version 9.2) dscovered, that the number of sent and received emails varies greatly between SuperOffice and Mailgun which is caused due to the fact, that once Mailgun accepted the mails, it is marked as sent in SuperOffice whereas the status if itยดs actually sent and received by customers is only visible in Mailgun and not transferred back into SuperOffice.   My question: Has anyone ever discovered the same issue AND already immplemented a script which solved the problem?    Thanks for any advise!  Simon

    16 Mar 2023 | 11:28 AM
  • I just tried to create some GA4 events on this: ...but I'm not getting any data at all from my test site. It's been a few years since I configured GA and everything has changed, so I might have missed something.  I see that this message keeps popping up, som I may have to wait a day and try again:   If you installed tags more than 48 hours ago, make sure they are set up correctly.

    16 Mar 2023 | 09:00 AM

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