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Nebula Synchronizer: Sync your SuperOffice appointments, tasks and contacts into the calendar of your choice

Are you in a situation where your team uses SuperOffice but other colleagues are not? Then you probably have two diaries to update. A bit of a hassle, isn't it? With the Nebula synchronizer, this is a problem of the past.

The Nebula Synchronizer allows your SuperOffice CRM Online calendar to connect with an external calendar and show all your tasks, appointments, contact information and even selections in both systems.

You can seamlessly synchronize SuperOffice with your preferred calendar. This way you can share your calendar with people who don’t use SuperOffice CRM and access your calendar on any device, both online and offline.

You will never have to enter a new appointment twice again.

Sync to your preferred calendar

Here’s a question we hear often:

“But what if I use Outlook and my colleague uses Gmail because he works on a Mac? Can we each synchronize to our preferred calendar?”

Not a problem at all. All you and your colleague need is to have access to SuperOffice CRM Online and every user can choose to which type of calendar they want to synchronize their appointments.

The Nebula Synchronizer supports:

  • Microsoft Exchange (hosted or installed on a local server)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Gmail
  • G Suite (formerly know as Google Apps for work)

You can synchronize all your appointments, tasks, contacts, and selections to have access to them from any device. While at the same time, you continue to build up valuable customer history in SuperOffice CRM by adding all your meetings and appointments into your SuperOffice diary.

No software or plugin to install

Another advantage: There is no software or plug-in to install. This means you don’t have to spend any time to configure or manage the synchronizer. It's hassle free! Choose your preferred settings and the Nebula Synchronizer will take care of the rest.

Set up your Nebula settings before you start

The Nebula Synchronizer is developed by InfoBridge Software B.V. Infobridge is one of our valued partners when it comes to synchronization applications.

Sign up for a Nebula Synchronizer account

So are you tired of registering your diary data twice? Do you want your colleague to stop hassling you about the fact that they can’t check your diary? You can sign up and get started with the Nebula synchronizer today!

The SuperOffice App Store

The Nebula Synchronizer is just one of the many apps SuperOffice has to offer. We offer a wide range of apps that will make you more efficient. The apps in the App store are only available for SuperOffice CRM Online users! All apps will help you to improve your sales, marketing, productivity, analytics, and integration efforts.

Just have a look at our SuperOffice App Store to explore all apps, modules, and integrations that you can connect to your SuperOffice CRM Online solution. Discover new ways to get more out of the tools that you love already.

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