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We keep making new features and improving existing ones so you get a better product. Read on to discover the latest product updates and how to get started.

SuperOffice forms

Capture leads and collect information with integrated web forms

Web forms in SuperOffice offer an easy way to capture information from your website or mailings and automatically store it in your CRM system

SuperOffice CRM version 8.3

Manage personal information more efficiently

The new dedicated Contact card in SuperOffice 8.3 allows an easier overview of the personal information you keep in your CRM solution, offers more features that support privacy rights, and gives you more tools to improve the quality of your CRM data.

SuperOffice CRM version 8.2

Get control of your company’s personal data

Use the new features, such as Consent Management, Subscription Management and Bulk Update to ensure that the customer information you store in your SuperOffice CRM database is compliant with the new GDPR requirements.

SuperOffice CRM Online

Engage more customers with SuperOffice Chat

SuperOffice Chat is a feature that lets you converse with visitors on your website and is 100% integrated with SuperOffice CRM. 

SuperOffice CRM Online

Drill down on the data behind your dashboard

By drilling down on any graph, list, or number in your dashboard, you can reveal the data behind it. You can even create selections and start turning facts into action in no-time.

Pocket CRM

Notifications and favorites - stay informed, find content faster

The latest release for our mobile app helps you stay up-to-date on your diary and gives you easier access to your favorite records.

SuperOffice CRM Online

Safer collaboration, easier uploading

Document locking and drag-and-drop uploading are two of the new features in this release for CRM Online users.

Buy and Onsite subscription

Easy insights, safer collaboration

Analyse your CRM data with dashboards. Prevent overwritten documents. See all the improvements in the latest service release, SR3.

SuperOffice CRM Online

Visualize your CRM data with the dashboard

Get a snapshot of your own and your team's status right inside SuperOffice.

Buy and Onsite subscription

Find your favorites faster

Mark items as favorites for easy access. Add documents using drag-and-drop. Get all of this and more in the latest service release, SR2.

SuperOffice CRM version 8.0

Introducing the new SuperOffice 8

This new main version brings lots of new features and a whole new look and feel.

Learn how to create beautiful mailings, make sales quotes that sell, and impress customers with great service.